1. Destt

    Need Python programmer - create FB registering software [up to 1000$]

    Hello guys, Looking for a Python programmer that is able to make a Registering software for Facebook. Details: - Done via Python requests, not Selenium - Simple POST requests to register an account, as I tried (unsuccessfully), only about 4 POST requests are needed. - I can provide more details...
  2. Y

    Looking for Proxy Company Directors

    Hello Friends, We work for an off-shore company incorporation firm specializing in helping clients open and register companies anonymously. Many of our clients do not wish to be listed as company directors but are looking for proxies. If you are from a Non-CRS country, or know someone who is...
  3. TheArtMound

    How To create Login Page and Register Page In Html?

    Please Guide ME Or Anyone there To suggest method Please I hav Education Website On BlogSpot So I Want Explantion
  4. kurosaki4d

    Register clients emails in Mailchimp

    Hello All, I have a website where people register in it for getting certain digital products with montly subscriptions. That been said, i would like to know if there is a way to add people to my Mailchimp subscribers list the moment they apply in the registration form of my website, (by...
  5. ShiningWarrior

    Cheapest Domain register?

    Hey all, need to register a couple of .com domains. Which register is reliable and provides the cheapest rate? Thanks in advance!
  6. P

    Expired to tell when they will become available?

    Hey all, There is a domain that has currently expired a week ago, but it isn't yet available to register. Is there any way to tell when it will be available for purchase? Thanks
  7. ClarkLade

    Hello everyone, a very inquisitive newbie here. Happy to be here!

    Finally got to register. Hope to learn a lot from this wonderful forum.
  8. SEOMobster

    [Get] Json's Secondhand Thread of Expired PR Domains

    Who: @SEOMobster Follow on twitter for List updates in this thread @json_pdx What: Free to Register Domains and web 2.0's with some link juice. Why: To Help Fight the Good Fight, and to share the leftovers from web scraping. How: Rather than creating multiple threads, and upset the BHW...
  9. gman777

    Is this domain worth it?

    Hey, guys. So, I've I just found an expired domain with singapore tld. It has tf 35/cf 42 Anchor text seems to be mostly URL/naked but it doesn't seem very diverse like 35% from it is already brand. However, it has a link from wikipedia. Also, checked with way back machine, and it looks...
  10. nahid133

    [Help/Suggestion] Is this domain worth anything for me ?

    I was scraping domain & i found a decent domain. But problem is domain is Country top tld .ORG.SG I know it's hard to register this domain from other Country. Age: 20 yrs Niche: World Economics/Magazine/Finance/Business Extension: Any suggestion welcome
  11. V

    Best way to create new account?

    Hello guys! Can you advise me what is the best way to register new accounts. 1. Curl the same request as web site + proxy 2. Curl the same request as phone(android app) + proxy 3. Emulate user action using silenium or phantomjs + proxy 4. Something else?!? I don't know, and will be very grateful!
  12. Alfa11

    I can't register on instagram

    I can't register on instagram "Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.":mad: Server Upgrade???
  13. breaker7

    [ASK] Facebook Registration

    Hello, i want to ask about fb registration Is safe register "only use phone number" without email ? Before i`m also try to register use temp-mail but, i think risk someone hack/ forgot password when email already registered before. Anyone know easy email for fb registration? Thank you..
  14. ogsnooks

    New Here

    Im new to signing up on BHW but Ive read through the forum here and there, Ive signed up purely out of necessity. I need to ask a question but as the rules read in my email im limited to actually post in certain areas. So im hoping I don't get in much trouble for asking on here but here goes...
  15. CarlSagan

    Real or fake phone number when registering PBN

    Registering my first PBN domain with fake whois info at godaddy. Can the phone number be faked too, or could this be needed at some point?
  16. M

    Looking for global company register

    Hi, i would like to find if there's any website where i can list and search companies (worldwide) or for now in US. For example: i search for "IT companies" and result will be some sorted list by country etc... How is it about personal information protection in US ? Can i gather information...
  17. R Domain Sale: [1 Year Free Domain + Hosting - USA Only]

    Hey all, I sincerely hope this is the correct place to post something like this, but considering all of the help I have gotten from browsing these forums, I figured I can pay it back with some small help to others. One, is offering a promotion via Share-A-Sale for 1 year of free domain...
  18. G

    U.S. Debit Card To Verify Snapcash

    I'm currently living in E.U. , but I often travel to U.S. and I also have a U.S. mobile phone number so I'd like to use the snapcash feature on snapchat ; How could a non U.S. Citizen get to hold a regular debit card in order to send and recieve payments via snaps??
  19. A

    Are there any domain and hosting options that do not require an address when registering?

    Are there any domain and hosting options that do not require an address when registering? I've looked luck yet. Any suggestions or is this impossible? I don't want to register with my address.
  20. H

    Paying With Paypal For Creating Extratorrent Accounts

    This is for anyone who owns a bot for creating accounts or has a lot of proxies with them. (Anyone willing to do it manually may also PM me) Will be a real help if you can create me new Extratorrent accounts, with disposable mail addresses or anything else. I'm paying for it & looking for a...
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