1. A

    Temu Bypassing

    I saw someone else post about this a while ago and was wondering if anyone got any updates? I’m completely new here so sorry if I’m doing something wrong. I want to be able to bypass the whole phone number thing because I have like no friends to ask for the referral system to get free shit yk...
  2. L

    Make 10 til 30 Euro in 5 Minutes with Reddit (very easy, everybody can do it!)

    Hello Boys and Girls, Reddit is one of the best websites for making money and also good for beginner. We will use "refer a friend" offer for this Method. All you need for this method is a reddit account. Here we go: Search for refer a friend offers from providers you are registered with or...
  3. keithdu45

    Tracking referrer link from source, to website, to downloaded .exe and .dmg

    Hi, We're about to start an affiliate program for our product and I have a technical / feasibility question, Referrers will link to our website using a special link (example: ?ref=john1234) Visitors will download our software from the site (.exe and .dmg) Users will subscribe inside the...
  4. M

    What other services do clients buy BEFORE or ALONGSIDE getting a website made?

    Hey fellow IMer's, Ya boy Mark the Quadbangist here. I just wanna know if there's anyone out there who knows what services clients buy before or alongside getting a website made. Do any of you sell a service where your clients now need a website next as the next stage in setting up there...
  5. Mirkogiovannetti

    [Hire Bot] Telegram Bot Referral-link Amazon

    Do any of you know how to create a telegram BOT for amazon price decreases? There are some tools ready for use for this. In my country there are telegram groups that automatically publish Amazon products under Referral-link. I await an answer from experts. PM for more information.
  6. thabo22

    Anybody willing to provide me with a reference to get a job?

    I'm currently looking for a job in seo but I haven't gotten any clients on the freelance side yet. But I've got an interview and I'm gonna need some references in case they decide to move forward with me in the process. Anyone willing to help? PM me.
  7. Mediawiz

    Referral program/system for wordpress

    For one of my websites I'm using gravity forms as a signup form. I'd like to build in a referal program so my users can promote the website and get payed or free access to other stuff. I know AffiliateWP and the referal functions but I'm looking for a more simple method/plugin/SaaS so I don't...
  8. alexcooly

    Website Referral Page

    Hey guys, So i came across this awesome referral style website, eg you sign up to a waitlist and then you get sent an awesome referral page that gives you points off liking, sharing, commenting etc. Does anyone know how they are made? Keen on making one. Maybe a plugin? *Side note* i can...
  9. NicholasVegas

    Anybody have experience with ExpressVPN ?

    Hi guys, I need a VPN and my main concern is speed. But, I need some basic security since I will be sending private information. I read some reviews about ExpressVPN and although it is expensive, I've heard it is the fastest and it is a pretty big company. Does anyone use it here? What for? I...
  10. B

    Probux Master Guide ! Earn quickly and easily !

    Hello, i am expert for PTC sites, i have spent over 4 years too learn almost all methods for earning money on PTC sites , and now since this is my first post on this forum, i decided to share this E-book with you FOR FREE !!! With this E-book you will get money with Probux much quicker then...
  11. J

    Redirect from my website to my Amazon items

    Just have a few quick questions to anyone experienced in amazon referrals. 1) Can I sell my items on amazon and then redirect people from other websites to my items and claim the referral fees? 2) If I pay an 8% referral fee when I sell cosumer electronics, do I receive that money back when I...
  12. C

    Learn how to block "ref=" attacks for Sandbox you in Google!

    Hi friends, I don't know, did you hear "ref=" attacks to your websites? It is a backlink attacks from users that use fake link from your websites. And if they report these links(usually they uses sandboxed url ref to your website for sandbox your sites) to Google , Google will check the ref...
  13. V

    New Social Platform Pays You!

  14. blackma

    Some extra cash for beginner to intermediate refferal marketers

    Hey. This is really simple and obvious but often overlooked. Find an affiliate programme like revtwt or cashcrate and create an account. Then make another account by signing up under your referral link. This way you get the money you earn and also the money you make from your referral i.e...
  15. C

    Faking the Referrer - The Soulution

    I know, I know... There are a lot of posts and threads about how to fake the referrer. But hopefully this will help a lot of people. I wasn't really going to make a thread about it at first so I stuffed all the info in a .rar file. What it does: Fakes the referrer... Obviously. But it's also...
  16. G

    Ref3rr4l sp4m approach

    Never seen someone actually written this approach to referral spam so here it is because i'm bored and don't got any URL-collector that really works effeciently so.. (tip: post a link to one) 1. Go to hxxp://w3.h*ot*script* 2. Search for something along the line of "website stats" 3...
  17. D

    New backlink site!! VERY HOT INVITE ONLY!

    Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add - only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks. Last but not least, Qassia also has the...
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