reddit bot

  1. mase1234

    Reddit karma farming bot modification (python)

    Hi! I am looking for someone to modify my reddit karma farming bot (python). Briefly, functions i need to integrate: User friendly dashboard (right now the settings is done by configuring .py files) Bulk importing reddit credentials with dedicated proxies to each account (right now, I can...
  2. Stewielenor

    [HAF] create a reddit bot

    I need a reddit bot created for my subreddit. Requirements : PRAW Python 3 May ask to how previous work (PRAW )
  3. Akash Mondal

    What Is Your Top Recommended Reddit Bot

    Hey Guys, Happy New Year To All My Fellow BHW Friends. I'm writing here after a while. I need your help guys. So, I'm now in the adult niche (like forever, lol..) and currently Reddit is my top source of traffic and doing all things manually, like posting, crossposting, upvote and bla bla...
  4. momowriter

    BEST Proxy Service For Reddit Upvotes, Comments, Account Creation, Etc.

    hi guys, I want to start a reddit upvote, comment, gmail account creation / reddit account creation with proxy, a dedicated proxy for each account I create, I don't need ALOT of upvotes for the links I'm going to post, I just need like 30 upvotes for the comments I post, what is the best...
  5. F

    Reddit Botting To 1 000 000 UVs monthly and Banking $$$$

    I have previous experience with Reddit. I was even writing about here on bhw. But I failed at monetization, but the traffic was amazing. What I am going to do? Post on reddit, upvote and bank :) Obviously there is more to this formula, but again it is not rocket science. Each sub has different...
  6. Tasker18

    [BETA testers needed] - RedditTasker - upvote / downvote / multiple account management software

    Looking for BETA testers for REDDIT Voter Bot - RedditTasker ========================= What is RedditTasker ========================= RedditTasker is a Reddit Marketing Software for people who are willing to expand their marketing on reddit. The program will be released after the BETA period...
  7. Navyoscar45

    Where to buy Reddit bot

    Please where can I buy a Reddit bot software with lots of features
  8. T

    My Tinder Bot + Reddit DM Bot + Affiliate Links - Your Tinder Tokens + Proxies + Ideas

    Hello, i have a private tinder bot and reddit bot with many functions. I am looking for a jv partner with tinder tokens + proxies + ideas. Atm I am trying direct messaging adult cpa offers to reddit users. Also i would like to send cpa offers to tinder users. Do not worry about captcha solving...
  9. kd199121

    Reddit Bot Is Not Working

    Hello ! Reddit Bot Is Not Working :) Where Do i contact or how to resolve it any body can help out ?
  10. S

    Reddit Upvoter Bot

    Hey, is out there a reddit upvoting bot available where I Input my accounts and the target post and it automatically upvotes it?
  11. PaulRD

    [Journey] to creating and botting 500 Reddit accounts a day

    Just created the Reddit bot successfully on Ubot, took about 9 hours of researching and creating from scratch. Totally drained ! -Will be using shared and free elite proxies to create account(2 account max per IP automated). -Creating >500 accounts a day. -Karma Farming for 10 days. -Will...
  12. brrupsz

    looking for a good reddit bot. is there anything available?

    hi. im working with a client that is starting a news website. we want to promote white hat legit articles on reddit, but some help would make things easier :) I got about a 100 aged reddit accounts but no bot to manage them :) manually takes ages anyone selling a good bot/multi account manager...
  13. I

    What bots are you guys using for Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit?

    I've been searching for some good bots for Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. I haven't found any for YouTube or Twitter but I'm looking into and blackhattoolz for Reddit. Do you guys have any experience with these? For clarification: Youtube: I need comment likes and possibly...
  14. I

    Anyone have a Reddit upvote bot?

    I've been searching every where for one. I've found and None of them have reviews. I've been contracting a guy I found on here but he got banned and is really slow to respond.
  15. kinfisa

    Being stuck on Running voting scripts on Reddit

    I've found and downloaded a voting script on Github (link is in text file attached below coz I cannot post link here). However, its instruction is quite short. In the README file, it instructs that to specify the username and password by directly supplying them as command line arguments, invoke...
  16. niravblogs

    Any Tools For Reddit Mass Account Creator

    Hello Friends, I want "Reddit Bluk account Creator" Can You Suggest Me Any Tools Or Script.
  17. El_Pedro_Blanco

    Reddit Third Party Services - Two excellent tools to know!

    Hi fellas! As some of you might know, I'm working on hitting the front page of Reddit. On my way of achieving this goal, I found two platforms quite interesting I think. Am I Shadowbanned (nullprogram) : this tool will analyze your Reddit account and will let you if you have been...
  18. El_Pedro_Blanco

    Reddit - Best tools and third-party platforms

    I've never been a huge fan of Reddit, but I'm convinced there are some great opportunities on this platform! However, all these /r, rules, moderators (...) are kind of overwhelming. This week, I've been trying to find /r where to post funny contents (videos, gifs, memes, pictures) but most of...
  19. B

    Anyone Try This Reddit Bot?

    Hey fellow BHW peeps. I was curious to see if anyone has tried this software tool on the reddit tool on BlackHatToolz? It seems like it has everything I need. One of the biggest is the ability t create accounts. I was at first looking at Reddit Dominator, from a previous thread I saw...
  20. farluhan

    Creating a Reddit Upvote Facebook Group-Join-Let's Kill It For Free!

    Hey guys, I created a Facebook group for us, the Social Ninjas! Here's How it Works guys: Everyone can share their Reddit Upvote request URLS on group wall. When you do an Upvote on one of the requests, always write "Done" in the comment. People who don't help others and only post...