reddit acc

  1. J

    Farming Reddit Accounts

    To those people farming accounts - what is your process when starting a new account. You create it and then? Do you wait a certain time before you do action? What actions do you do first, are you posting right away or do you start with liking commenting etc? A very general process would be...
  2. Emit


    Selling all types of Reddit accounts! All aged 1+ years Karma: 0-200 - 1$ 200-2,000 - 4$ 2,000-5,000 - 10$ 5000-10,000 - 20$ 10,000 - 25,000 - 30$ 25,000 - 50,000 - 50$ 50,000+ 70$ And others, Message me for negotiations/bulk purchases quotes and special requests. MANY accounts in stock...
  3. Sollecs

    Reddit Accounts with or without Karma✅a large selection of accounts from $2✅

    Reddit Aged Accounts without Karma: 2010 Blank account - $35 2011 Blank account - $25 2012 Blank account - $20 2013 Blank account - $18 2014 Blank account - $16 2015 Blank account - $14 2016 Blank account - $12 2017 Blank account - $8 2018 Blank account - $5 2019 Blank account - $3 (minimum...
  4. kd199121

    Increase Reddit Karma

    Its 2022. I used to gain karma like 50 to 100 in a day by posting in subreddits like aww or wallpapers. But now it is not working anymore.. Any new subreddit list or idea to get like 10 to 100 karma in 24 hours ? Thank you -
  5. Leader777

    Giving away 33 Reddit Aged Accounts

    Hello everyone, I hope you all having a fantastic day. I'm giving away 1 Reddit account for each member that has 77 posts or more. The accounts age is 11 months old, they don't come with the email ( you can change the email with yours in the Reddit panel). God Bless :)
  6. The Curator

    [METHOD] Get your FREE Sub Reddit with Hundreds to Thousands of REAL subscribers! (Give Back)

    Just wanted to give back while coming back from a long hiatus. This method involves snapping up subreddits that have real subscribers that have been inactive because of neglect - which is good for you! Apologies ahead of time if this has been posted before - I didn't see it doing a cursory look...
  7. Athelstan

    WTB old reddit accounts

    hi, i want to buy old reddit accounts, dosen't matter if they have karma or not. Send me a dm with your offer, thank you
  8. Meerakat

    [WTB] A Reddit Account

    Just looking for one. Want them to be well aged and have minimum karma, 1 year is also fine. Budget: $5
  9. C

    Multiple Accounts Got Banned On Reddit

    Multiple accounts got permanently suspended without any reasons received from Reddit. Not even a single warning before they got banned. The accounts have different IP, a mix of aged / non-aged, most have high karma and some have few. Also most of them were active but on different...
  10. T

    Reddit post needed

    The reddit acc should have more than 300 karma. aged reddit acc is better. Hope to cooperate in a long term. Skype: pinktreecity
  11. wkop2013

    < 3-10 Years old > Aged Reddit Accounts Just $2

    High Quality and Cheap Reddit Account Service ! Account price: $2 3-4 Years old $4 5-6 Years old $8 7-8 Years old $12 9 Years old All Accounts: Karma:1-100 No shadow banned Delivery 30 mins Account Format: Username----password----email----email password Refund Policy: A refund will only...
  12. misterbarth

    ✅ Need Reddit Accs? ✅ Aged 3/4 Months ✅ Created with APP [Jr VIPs Reviews inside]

    PAYMENTs: Perfect Money - For Skrill / Transferwise Contact me (only orders above 5$) *AUTOMATED SHOPPING* After payment, you will immediately receive your new goods! What is your refund policy/Delivery Time? All sales are final. No refunds after accounts are delivered. After payment, you...
  13. V

    Issues with a Reddit upvote/downvote bot I wrote

    Hey all, I've written my own reddit upvote/downvote bot, but I'm having trouble getting it off the ground, mainly because my votes don't seem to register and some of my accounts are getting banned. When I say votes don't register, logging into accounts reveals the vote actually occurred, but...
  14. F

    [Journey] Road Reaching 2000$ a month with Reddit!

    I have spend last 2-3 months on reddit, creating hundrets of accounts, posting a 1000s of posts and building several high karma accounts. I was fortunate enought to earn some decent money. But the method kind of died out. This time I would like to create something, which will later on can stand...
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