redbubble tips

  1. Arsalan Nazar

    Redbubble account suspension

    hello blackhatworld, Finally redbubble banhammer me. After 2 years of hard work. I added approximately 6000+ plus designs, 20 Designs per day. I was just getting started to earn some good money from there. But today they suspended my account for what reason??? i dont know. after many months 10K...
  2. S

    Tips for getting buyers from Redbubble or threadless

    I need any advice to get buyers from Redbubble I created an account on it more than two weeks ago and uploaded more than 40 designs, but to no avail. No one evaluates or buys the products, although the designs are exclusive and of high quality. Are there any tips on how to promote the products?
  3. M0805

    I Uploaded 420 RedBubble Designs In 7 Days & Made $

    I recently watch this video about RedBubble He earned only almost 7$ for 7 days for 420 designs. From RedBubble I earned about 100$ profit this year. But I was thinking is this worth spending time for making 420 designs in 7 days. That's like 60 designs per day. What do you think?
  4. M0805

    Is this normal on RedBubble?

    Hi guys. I just started a general store in redbubble 1 month ago. I have about 147 designs. But only 2 sales. Im using trend and evergreen niches. I make good titles and put right tags. I am new in RedBubble so I just asking? Thanks
  5. \\\GK///

    Niche store on redbubble

    I have a question regarding my store in redbubble. Do i have to have a specific niche store in redbubble or i can upload any design with different niches in one store?
  6. \\\GK///

    Niche store on redbubble

    I have a question regarding my redbubble store, do i have to have a niche store on redbubble or i can work on whatever niche i want and upload my designs in one store ?
  7. Herrooxx

    Redbubble Tips To Rank My T-shirt

    Hello guys Please If Someone Have Any Idea About Ranking On Redbubble , And How Redbubble Rank T-shirts ? Thank You guys
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