1. A

    Looking for OnlyFans Model Scouts

    As an Onlyfans model recruiter, your role will be to scout for hot, talented individuals who are ready to embrace their sexuality on camera. You'll be responsible for building the initial relationship, conducting interviews, and convincing potential models to join the adult entertainment, if she...
  2. K

    Lookout for OF models

    Hi! We are an OF agency, that is currently trying to expand by recruiting new models. We want to cooperate with someone who can provide us with decent-quality models, that we can work with. If you think you help us, we prefer to jump on a quick call rather than waste our time chatting.
  3. komo22

    Is something like this available?

    I remember one of the higher ranking members talking about a company who will pay you a large sum for professional job recruitment leads. The website gave you a number where you advertise it for the prospects to call in. If that prospect of yours gets the job and stays for a period of time you...
  4. S

    Recruiting Webcam models

    So, has anyone had any success with those?There are a couple of affiliate programms offering 10% of the models earnings.Read a couple of threads here on bhw about it but I still don't have a full picture.Some people said that you need 100+ models to make a decent amount of money but I'm still...
  5. B

    Inspiration needed - corporate video

    Hi, I'm a member of a Recruitment Agency association with about 400 member companies worldwide. They have recently launched a competition to make a quick video (i'm thinking around 30-120 seconds) that highlights the association. It can be funny, serious, of a recruitment story - anything...
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