1. ahcene99

    A way to get Food recipes for a food blog site

    Hello , i have some ways to get traffic for food/recipes niche , but i have hard time for writing recipes and blog . how do you get recipes? Give me some ideas for getting unique articles and how to obtain unique pictures
  2. D

    A way to get Food recipes for a food blog site

    Hello , i have some ways to get traffic for food/recipes niche , but i have hard time for writing recipes and blog . how do you get recipes? is it fine to copy paste from another website ?
  3. HelenaS

    Hello dear people ! :)

    Hi everyone! I am Helena and I am nearly 25 years old. My big passion is food and I write and share my passion for cooking and food recipes on my food blog. Hope I will find here big foodies and food bloggers who want to share their passion for food too! We all want to be food developers and...
  4. Qadesh

    Free guest posts in a food blog (DA-19, PA-23, TF-10, CF-25)

    Hello, Here with my first giveaway. We have been working on a website/blog in a food niche for some time now, and are looking to expand. We made a decision to open free submissions for everybody who would like to get a backlink from us. The only requirement is that you provide us with unique...
  5. ahmedEL

    How those websites make a lot of $

    Hi there, they have +70K facebook page likes and thousands of shares on each recipe. Do they just boost the posts with facebook ads? Here is a few of them : 1krecipes(dot)com 77recipes(dot)com 78recipes(dot)com
  6. P

    best theme for world recipe website

    Hi friends, any ideas for best theme for world recipe website, i want categories in the header and side,so far i like SALT and PEPPER theme from themeforest ,it has good search widget as will be big website. kindly suggest, any themes , ideas, etc. to help i really would appreciate...
  7. A

    Free Vegetarian Cookbook

    Hey again guys! Chooseveg is giving away a free vegetarian starter guide with good recipes to start on if you're choosing to go vegetarian :) Just go to their website (chooseveg. com) and there'll be a link to get it on the homepage. Hope this helps some!! -J
  8. T

    Whats the thing about these recipes websites ?

    Hi there, This week i discovered a number of websites full of copied recipes that seem to rely on facebook for traffic and adsense for revenue. Some of them are shady as they have 50 000 facebook page likes and thousands of share on each post. Do they just boost the posts ? Also, how come...
  9. miafoto

    Niche Website journey to 1000v/day

    Hello kitty _____________________ Main purpose from this journey: # I hope i'll make some cash to help me continue my studies. # help others _____________________ I'm going to start this journey hoping to reach 1000 vistors a day using social profiles. Means getting some cash mean while. I've...
  10. E

    Re-writing recipes for Pinterest, Will there be copyrighting issues?

    I know from my experience that pinterest is the easiest and fastest way to make money online and I would recommend it to any new marketers wanting to get their feet wet. But pinterest is getting a little strict lately and have been banning accounts like crazy. I can't blame them the rules are...
  11. D

    Looking for someone to rewrite recipes.

    I have a dessert recipe site ready and Pinterest account with followers growing every day by about 50 and they are real followers so I can provide some good traffic but I'm looking someone to rewrite full unique recipes to my site so basically you rewrite recipes and I provide traffic. Best...
  12. Snail White Cream

    Iam looking for content writers for recipes and if anyone is interested please pm me

    Dear Friends, Am not sure if this is in the correct section as I have selected in blogging section for am looking for am looking for some Content writers for Recipes and I would be veyr much happy to hear from interested guys who would be happy to send me your interest with your price please...
  13. N

    how to change unique recipes :(

    hi, i started a recipes blog and i have some good recipes now i want to change all articles into unique one, because google dont like copied articles and also i dont want to ban my adsense account. i tried wordAi but results were too disappointed. can any one suggest some ideas. my english is...
  14. P

    Help me $$ by my ebooks.....!!

    Hello I have written 5 ebooks. 4 ebooks on the food and recipes category including weight loss recipes guide. 1 ebook is a complete guide on Yoga with illustrations. I want to make money with them. I do not prefer Kindle as they pay by cheques. Please help in making money by selling these...
  15. X

    JV for New Recipes CMS (PHP) Social Networking Script

    Hi frens M looking for a JV partner for my new social networking kind of recipes script, I have a demo at and the script selling site at , Quite new as completed scripting few weeks back and adding few more new features. I personally think this web...
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