1. buildandbuild

    Looking for somebody to help me find a crypto/investing website to rebrand and build on

    Hey BHW, Currently with a half-decent budget, looking for someone to help me find a crypto/investing website to then build on. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team right at the start. I also have other roles opening such as media buying, SEO in general and much more. Contact me on...
  2. R

    Rebranding my channel. Pros/cons and expectations?

    Hey guys, since I'm not that active in the Youtube scene anymore, I opened this thread in hope to get some ideas or inspriation. I'm considering picking up my old channel and rebranding it. I created the channel in a specific music niche over 7 years ago and was quite active for about 2 years...
  3. zawad_karim

    Re-branding a milk product !

    Hello guys, So, lately I was having this discussion with a friend about re-branding a milk Product which is basically Pasteurized milk. It is already a big brand here in my town but the problem is how to engage the customers in the digital space so that they keep on buying this product rather...
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