1. T

    Zillow & Scraper

    Hi, Do you have any scraper that can get data from those sites like name, phone, and email? Thanks
  2. Big Ron

    [JOURNEY] Becoming a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) from Scratch to Earn Six-Figure Income in One Year

    Hello World! I've been thinking about doing a Journey thread on my newest challenge: selling real estate. I am native to healthcare (30+ years) and have an on-going Journey thread here which chronicles blogging for income based on niche selection. I enjoy writing which is partly why I enjoy...
  3. Blogger325

    Realtor Looking To JV With Someone Who Can Lead Generate

    I am in a VERY hot market (central FL), but I need help generating qualified buyer leads for real estate online. I can close quality leads very easily, as long as I get the opportunity to talk with them. You would generate the leads, and I will meet with them in person to close the deals. I...
  4. Geth_Prime

    [JV]Looking to monetize 1 mil email

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for people that are able to monetize 1 million++ email list that it NEARLY verified and cleaned. WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: 1 million+ emails, Niche: Real Estate, Country: USA (Some contains names and company details) Email Copy + Landing Page + Funnel Offers...
  5. Geth_Prime

    Looking for an affiliate program for Realtors

    Hey all, I am looking for a good offer to blast into my network of realtors across the US. Can anyone suggest me a good converting affiliate programs? My idea was offering them a lead gen software and a few luxury products. But I can't find any good ones that will pay me good money. Most CPA...
  6. yuppy

    Realtor looking for something similar to an existing site.

    I'd like to create a website similar to these 2 sites in functionality. Please explore them to get an idea of what I'm looking for What I'm...
  7. S

    Need a freelancer to help grow my real estate presence.

    Hello Freelancers, I am in need to grow my name amongst communities. Want to know your ideas and services. Lets make this work!
  8. P

    If you were a Realtor, how would you generate leads?

    I hope this is the right place to post this, I posted something similar in the intro thread. Here's my question... What method would you use if you were a Realtor to get local online leads? Any one have experience with real estate leads?
  9. P

    What would you do: Lead Generation for a Realtor?

    Hi folks, this is my first post here. If you were a realtor wanting to get boatloads of internet traffic and leads, what would you do?
  10. M

    Realtor Site Tricks Needed. SEO Being Impossible

    Alright so most of you in the Real Estate, or Realtor sites, etc., know that its really hard to hit hard up there in google/yahoo. Only thing I have seen that works decent is the google/yahoo local business results. Anyone have some ideas or want to get hired on to dominate a pretty decent...
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