1. WebGenix

    [POLL]: How do you want to receive your downloadable files?

    Hello, In the past, I was sharing a lot of courses and files (WordPress themes & plugins) with the BHW community, I will do the same in a short time period, I just want to know how you like to get the links, For small files (Themes & Plugins) it's no problem, most files don't exceed 100MB, But...
  2. Gogol

    [Exploit] WinRAR could get your computer hacked!

    Just saw this news in my feed. It looks scary because WinRAR is usually the first software people install after installing Windows. I thought I would share the news with everyone here before someone gets hacked using this exploit...
  3. ShiningWarrior

    My Windows is f#cked up OR I still don't know how to use?!

    Hey, I'm embarrassed but can't find a solution of this silly thing. I am on Win 10. Now, I'm trying to get a folder archived into RAR which has tons and tons of audio files each approx 4-5 mb or such. So, I tried to see the total size but getting multiple sizes each time. I saw the properties...
  4. ShiningWarrior

    Does compression deteriorates the file quality?

    Hi, I am having two issues on this: 1) I wanted to archive some of the audio files and each file is about 5-6 mb and the total size of all the audio files is 160 GB. So, I tried to archive the folder using 7-zip and 160 GB came out to be 2 GB? Weird. 2) Suppose there are a bunch of folders and...
  5. ShiningWarrior

    Getting wrong file size everytime with winrar and 7-zip

    Hey, I'm trying to extract a big file from .zip.000 files and every time I'm getting wrong file size i.e., not getting the full extracted data. There are 134 .zip.000 files so that's file.zip.001 - file.zip.134. Each file size is 500 MB so that's 500x134 = 67000 MB. Now I extracted the first...
  6. K

    How rar file password ?

    Hello, I'm searching for days to find a rar file password but can't do it, i have downloaded a file from: nulled-warez.com, but file is password protected.. Any idea will help me alot
  7. C

    RAR File Password Cracker :)

    1. First we need to download a program called Advanced RAR Password Recovery which you can download it?s not free cost $30.00 but I have a secret key for you only!SEARCH GOOGLE AND DOWNLOAD-Advanced-RAR-Password-Recovery- 2. During the setup you will be asked to enter a key enter this key (for...
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