1. A

    need rapidshare account to download 5GB file..!

    hi there.. i need rapidshare account to download a 5GB software.. can anyone share with me his premium rapidshare or uploaded.net account so that i may download this file .. i wuld do my best to return you a favour whatever would be possible for me .. cheers.. :)
  2. B

    [ANNOUNCE] CoinUploads - File storage and sharing for Bitcoin

    Hello BHW community, We just started a new service today: coinuploads dot_com. You can store and share files for bitcoin. No registration needed. It's a great alternative to rapidshare. All feedback is appreciated. We are looking for JV / Business partner to monetize the website. Just PM me.
  3. N

    Cheap Rapidshare account starting with 5eur / month

    Buy Premium Rapidshare Accounts at low price 5eur / month We accept Paypal . We only have 15 accounts left on stock, so hurry up interested . Kind regards, nemke
  4. J

    Blackhat money: Youtube, Filehoster and Sharecash combined !

    Hey guys, I got a new great technique and I'm gonna share it with you today :) Ok let's start... Read every sentence nice and slow! ;) 1. First of all you need accounts on Youtube, on different filehoster and a Sharecash account or a content locker. 2. Create a Rar or Zip archive with...
  5. Q

    Premium link generator tool with hidden download feature. FREE and UNLIMITED.

    leechstarscom is easy to use multifile, free and unlimited premium link generator tool with hidden download feature. In simpler words LeechStar allows you to download almost anything from internet! Just insert the link of the movie, press 'Download' and then 'save to computer', and the movie...
  6. ecraigzon

    Good Usenet Service?

    I am a long time user of private trackers and hotfile, rapidshare, etc. Usenet is now becoming a popular method among my friends. The bottom line is: Binverse is waaayy too expensive, what is a Usenet good service for around 9.00 a month?? Thnx, no spam please, GO BHW!
  7. W

    Question about searching Rapidshare for links - help

    Hello, I wanted to ask any serious Rapidshare pro members what are some of the best ways to search for rapidshare links? I thought maybe some Jr VIPS or mods could offer some tips. I have searched bhw for two terms I came up with "part1" (to find multiple files) and also "rapidshare.com"...
  8. KennWort

    Err, ummm, What's Wrong With Raapidshare?

    Just saw this post - http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/templates-themes/152871-digital-juice-fonts-mega-collection-56-g-b.html - and I'm wondering, not about the share (or the comments directed to the OP), but about "What's Wrong With Rapidshare"? KW
  9. ExtremeSEO

    ByPass RapidShare Premium Download

    If your ISP assigns your IP address, then BYPASSING Rapidshare will definitely be bliss. Below are the steps: Clean up Firefox/Netscape/IE cookie (for this one, it is actually the one that belongs to Rapidshare) On Command prompt, open MS-DOS type -----> ipconfig /flushdns <---Enter type...
  10. B

    $$$ Easy rapidshare money method (for n00bs) from 3$ to ??? daily

  11. R

    Earn with RapidShare

    Introduction: Have you ever wondered how to earn easy money, 100% automated? Well, Rapidshare.com is the answer! As one of my testing-projects, I've tried to buy a premium Rapidshare account, and earn with it. How did I earn?, let me put out an easy step-by-step tutorial ;)...
  12. geezer101

    Best way to monetise a torrent/rapidshare search site

    Using a couple of scripts found on here I put together a rather shoddy site which lets people search for torrents or rapidshare/megaupload etc sites. The site is http://www.search-download.co.uk and at the moment I just have adsense (not a good idea I know). It wasn't really generating that much...
  13. tousif1988

    Rapidshare premium downloads trick only for BHW members

    Hi guys, Some days back i started a thread of giving away the rapidshare accounts. But immediately after that, rapidshare changed their servers modification such that if a single account is accessed from more than three IP addressess, then it will automatically change the pasword of that...
  14. tousif1988

    Rapidshare accounts updated daily

    I don't know whether this is right or not to post the rapidshare accounts here. I read all the rules of this forum and i did't find anything which say's not to post rapidshare accounts. So here i am posting the latest accounts of rapidshare. these accounts will be updated on daily basis. I...
  15. mearington

    To Anyone Familiar With RapidShare

    I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I spent about 15 minutes last night trying to figure out how to sign up for their freezone account. I uploaded a video, but it could only be downloaded 10 times. They told me to sign up for the "Collector's" account which is free, but I just can't...
  16. T

    Rapidshare Farewells CAPTCHA (Image Code) And Wait Restrictions For Free Users

    After annoying free users with hard to read CAT CAPTCHA's, World's biggest one click file-hoster Rapidshare has finally done farewell to CAPTCHA altogether, Rapidshare also announced that from now free users will be able to download without any waits until starting a succeeding download, however...
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