1. treyfas

    Similar Money Robot

    Hi What programs are similar, with quality and good price? Thank
  2. D

    How to automatically rerun the failed sites in RankerX?

    Sorry for my stupid question. I'm a newbie; I've been using RankerX for a month now. I've encountered 13 failed sites, but I don't know how to automatically rerun them. Could you please advise me on how to use it correctly?
  3. S

    Need advice about tools to use for Tier 1-2-3

    Hi, please advice, i am planning to use rankerX for tier1 and GSA for Tier 2-3 seems good ? still this tools good even with the recent google update (if i run a quality compain on each tool)? Thank you !
  4. keompanie

    When building backlinks with RankerX. How many in total?

    I am a beginner at RankerX. When making a monthly plan with RankerX, how many backlinks should you build per month? Proxies are updated weekly. Currently, I am only using the ‘SEO Expert’ diagram. I think it would be better to use a pre-made diagram rather than creating it yourself. Can...
  5. keompanie

    Im looking for someone who can help us set up rankerX and GSA.

    Im looking for someone who can help us set up rankerX and GSA. hello. I'm trying to set up tier 1 backlinks with RankerX, but I haven't used it yet. Settings are required. And I've used GSA a lot, but it's still very difficult. If you check the backlink submitted by GSA in semrush, you will...
  6. H

    Seo Autopilot vs Rankerx, plse advise

    I am not totally new here but my acct was closed due to long absence, i think. So i am using a new ID. Going to start a few websites in the new year so looking for backlinking software. It's hard to find Seo AP vs Rankerx comparison in Youtube .. mostly are Money Robot vs Rankerx. I wonder why...
  7. R

    RankerX for html and embeds?

    Hi, Can I add HTML and embed iframes to Rankerx? I couldn't find anything in the documentation. Thanks
  8. V

    How to use RANKERX for perfect WEB2.0 backlinks

    It's been a long time since I used RANKERX. However, as shown in the photo, only about half of the 40 site lists are successful. It's a pity that there are many good sites that fail. What should I do about sites that don't even list the reasons for failure? I have almost 100% completed the...
  9. thanhthupro

    How to add website to RankerX

    Hello. I just bought RankerX so I'm not very familiar with it. I looked for instructions but there are no instructions on their website. I want to ask how to add site list: pages10.com ampblogs.com blogoccial.com shotblogs.com onesmablog.com blogolize.com blogzet.com Going to RankerX, I don't...
  10. hideath

    ✅ [Guide] Step by Step - Stop paying for Catchall emails - Create your own Catchall Email with minimal requirements (Gmail + Cloudflare)✅

    This can be very useful for anyone creating multiple accounts in the same platforms, You can use this for RankerX, GSA and similar tools, Typically you'll need to pay for $10+ per month to use catchall domain from a subdomain with some services, With this guide, you can use unlimited emails...
  11. hideath

    [Journey] [Case Study] Do Spam/Cheap Links and old SEO tricks still work? (Cheap PBNs - GSA - Web 2.0s)

    Let me break it down real quick, i'll be creating 3 different websites in 3 different niches, Each website will have 10+ PBNs, Each PBN will be spammed with a shit ton of cheap links, including GSA links, Rankerx links, extremely cheap PBNs, etc... I'll be updating this thread for months to...
  12. S

    Seeking Information on Additional Requirements for RankerX and GSA SER Purchases

    Hello. I am considering purchasing the RankerX or GSA SER program. I plan to purchase everything I need at once, preferably without consumable programs (e.g., programs that charge money every time a captcha is solved). Could I get information on any additional programs needed if I choose RankerX...
  13. svcd199x

    Questions about forum posting software and GSA, Rankerx

    Hello BHWer I have software for mass posting to forums. Along with the following features: Supports VBB, phpBB, IPB, XenForo, Discuz, MyBB, ... Post news, upload news automatically Supports inserting images, links, videos Spin text. Solve captchas >>So is it different from GSA ser or rankerX...
  14. rubine2323

    Need Proxy advise fot GSA, Webscraping, Xevil

    Hello, my current Tasks are Website Content Scraping(own Tool), GSA, Xevil. Iam currently using since about 2 months stormproxies dedicated rotating proxies which works fine but iam limited to 80 Threads with 70$ per month which i think is quit high for 80 threads at least they work great only...
  15. V

    PLZ recommend proxy and spinner and account for rankerX

    i already buy rankerX tool. i need proxy , and spinner(article) and account(email). at first i'm korean so i need korean spinner !! And in the case of a Google account, can I purchase and use the account on the website sold by Google? I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what to...
  16. V

    I use both RANKERX and GSA. Please tell me your tips.

    I have purchased both and plan to learn RANKERX first before learning GSA. GSA is said to be difficult. But after looking at both simple tutorials, I confirmed that I need a proxy and CAPTCHA service as well. Can I purchase a proxy and use it for both GSA and RANKERX software? For example...
  17. pr3miere

    GSA Tools or RankerX: Which Should You Invest In?

    I want to do my own off-site SEO, and I can't decide which tools to go for. Right now it's split between pure GSA tools and RankerX + complimentary tools. If I go 100% GSA tools, these are the tools I'm looking into: GSA Captcha Breaker GSA Content Generator GSA Keyword Research (or just stick...
  18. superfluency

    RankerX issues

    We use RankerX to create backlinks to our website. For that, we have some doubts, so we are looking for a RankerX expert to answer them. Follow below: 1. We want to insert some lists of sites (Custom sites) to create campaigns using them, but to launch we need to categorize these sites (Article...
  19. N

    Seeking Advice on Blackhat Software and Techniques for Traffic and Ranking Boost - 2023 Update

    Hello fellow BlackHatWorld members, I hope everyone is doing well. I come to you today seeking some insights and recommendations regarding blackhat software that can effectively increase traffic and improve the ranking of money sites in 2023. As we all know, the online landscape is constantly...
  20. superfluency

    Classification of backlink types

    I have some lists of links that I want to insert as Custom Sites in RankerX, but for that I need to determine exactly the type of each link (if they are Article directory, Bookmarking: Pligg, Bookmarking: Redirect Url, Social etwork/Web 2.0 Blogs: Vanilla, Wiki : Wikimedia, Web 2.0 Profile...
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