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  1. Acura NSX

    Why Buy RankerX or SEO AutoPilot

    I'm currently using GSA SER but I haven't tried Ranker X or SEO AutoPilot yet. For those who did and still do, what advantages do they have over GSA SER? Well besides, creating Tier 1 Web 2.0s, maybe quicker, and offer a flowchart panel to design your link scheme. They cost a whopping $1000 for...
  2. 2makemoney

    Can't update RankerX

    I'm trying to update RankerX but it is giving me the error: "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program". I've tried uninstall it and downloading the latest install from their website. But the error continues. Has anyone ran into this issue? Anyone know of a...
  3. shady185

    Is Ranker X still worth it?

    I wanted to know if Ranker X is still a good enough tool for ranking low to medium competition keywords. Also, does Ranker X links gets indexed? I am also open to suggestions for any other tool since I haven't bought it yet.
  4. resistosai111

    Back to work

    Hi Everyone Upgraded to Jrvip Yesterday and I am willing to start Service on BHW. I have some tools like xrumer,rankerx gsa search ranker and kontent machine. Is there anyone that could help and have a good strategy that could convert well. Only serious person can contact. That should provide...
  5. superfunkyallthewhile

    How Can I Identify Correct Platforms for Custom Site URLs in Ranker X?

    I have a list of URLs from varying platforms that I'd like to add/verify as Custom Sites to Ranker X. Is there any way to easily determine what platform a site would belong to? Social Network, Web 2.0 profiles, and Forums all have dozens of options each, so it'd be nice to be able to quickly...
  6. R

    MoneyRobot vs Ranker X vs GSA SER

    Which tool would you recommend for building tier 2 and 3 links for our money site's tier 1s? Don't have much experience with these tools, so we'd like to know which one works best and is also the easiest to use. Also, to know if they're worth it. Thanks everyone!
  7. madomix

    RankerX or GSA SER ?

    hi everyone, which tool is better 1 = RankerX 2 = GSA Search Engine Ranker thanks
  8. O

    I am in need of RankerX backlinks

    Hello, I am new into this seo stuff and i have been looking for a way to build quality link for my blog and after much observation, i learnt that rankerx is a good tool to use. i cant afford this tool and i will be glad if someone can help me build link using his own rankerx tool.
  9. S

    4+ Hour tutorial for SEO Auto pilot autopilot

    looking for an expert to help set up and show me how to use SEO autopilot and possibly other automation software, all of our properties are our own for e-commerce and lead generation, please list what experience you have and what your bid per hour is.
  10. K

    [QUESTION] What link-building software can create multiple campaigns at once?

    Hey all, I want to rank 100's of parasites (think about parasite as a moneysite) on a daily basis. I want link-building software to match links, keywords, and content in the following way: Set of articles 1 - Set of keywords 1 - Link1 Set of articles 2 - Set of keywords 2 - Link2 ... Set of...
  11. HenryObi

    Need A Ranker X Guy

    I need a ranker X guy for a quick job that might turn to be a long term stuff.
  12. gamini herath

    So I decided to gave it a go to Ranker X

    Saw many people were talking about it. So I thought of checking out what all this fuss about. To be honest, it looked simple at first, but it wasn't. I had to keep digging and had followed video tutorials to make it through. The good thing is, it shows you every error you make step by step...
  13. Jihalab

    Creating Tier 2/3 Backlinks To Web 2.0 With No Content?

    Hey guys, Been salvaging golden nugget threads and just about to execute a backlinking strategy via Web 2.0's. I have a couple of newb questions since this is my first time doing a tiered backlinking strategy with Web 2.0's: 1. Using GSA SER & Ranker X would it be worth creating tier 2...
  14. M

    I got scammed, Where to buy Rankerx Backlink gig from a trusted source?

    I can't afford to buy Rankerx, so I'm looking for a Rankerx backlink gig or service? Please mention a trusted service provider that you've dealt with before.
  15. A

    ranker x

    does anyone else have trouble with ranker x links getting indexed or if not how do you do it?
  16. P

    [GUIDE] Build Great Links with AWS Spot Instances and Get Up To 80%OFF on monthly cost

    Dear BHW Members, Many of us are using various link building tools to build tiered links which requires huge computing and memory power to get our task done fast and to fulfill requirement we have go with VPS solution. After cloud technology, VPS is no more great choice to do grinding work...
  17. shady185

    Does Ranker X still works?

    I am a newbie in this field. I am just curious to know that if tools like Ranker X or Money Robot still works? If anyone has any recent experience ranking using these tools please share.
  18. Surgation

    Noob trying to learn and use Ranker X & GSA!

    Hi everyone, So I've gone out and brought a bunch of tools and want to learn how to use them: Ranker X GSA I have no idea what I'm doing with any of these tools. Issues I had with ranking software I started just doing a project within GSA, and I got about 100 verified links going straight to...
  19. AvePhoenix

    Rankerx for Tier 1 / GSA for Tier 2 Strategy

    I am currently ranking for around 40 local keywords that are on page 2 and 3 for one of my websites. I'd like to get them closer to page 1. I use Rankerx for Tier 1/2 and considering using GSA SER for more Tier 2. However, I have seen that some of my backlink pages are deleted. So, I was...
  20. AvePhoenix

    Rankerx Indexing Idea

    Can I copy all of the created links from rankerx and paste them onto one of my websites that is already on google. I was thinking of creating a page for these links and have it linked to other pages that already appear in google. Then, go to google console and force a crawl of the website? Would...