rank and rent

  1. A

    Local Website SEO Expert For Consultation

    Hello everyone, I've been doing local SEO (GMBs) for about a year now. Currently, I'm generating leads using GMBs but I'm ready for the next project which is starting a website SEO mega-project that will include hundreds or even thousands of different websites (city and niche targeted). I'm...
  2. homeriscool

    Rank & Rent Question

    If you were renting out a website to a client, would it be dumb to offer them web design services and SEO, PPC too? So they have 2 sources of leads coming in?
  3. skaz97

    Local SEO | How to raise positions of a local business?

    Hello, I have decided to enter the world of Rank and Rent. I have some pages made for those local businesses, such as a dentist in London. Do you think I have to create that google my business profile with the name of Dentist in London? Or what is your strategy to raise positions for that...
  4. T

    [JOURNEY] Building a US-Wide, Spanish-Language, Lead Machine in a High-Ticket Niche

    Hello, firstly I want to point out that although some of what I will put in this post is repeated from my other thread, I don’t intent to inflate my post count or anything of the sorts. I simply want to add the entire context for those who didn't catch the beginning of the discussion. Before...
  5. BigBlackPoodle

    Rank & Rent - GMB Instant Verifications

    Hello, I'm trailing an instant verification method that I've had a little bit of success with. Does anyone else have suggestions for how to get a GMB instantly verified? Willing to trade knowledge on methods with someone.
  6. Zenarus

    {1 Free Review Copy} GMB Domination - Rank And Rent Model

    Hello everyone This is a 1 free review copy for eligible members. My Service: This is a Rank&Rent model customized GMB Lead-gen. i will create a Lead-gen landing page in your niche, 5 Fully optimized Gmb's in cities of your choice, and i will forward you the calls/form leads. The price for...
  7. irisXE

    My Yelp Page 1 Ranking + Sticky Reviews Method, Your Rank & Rent/ Leads Selling Skills

    I have tons of aged Yelp accounts that I use to rank any business in any niche and in any location on Yelp. I also use these accounts to post reviews that stick. I am looking to JV with someone that is able to resell this as a Rank & Rent/ leads selling type of business. A second JV option would...
  8. light and bolts

    Best way to receive a SMS to validate a GMB

    What is the best service to receive the Google code for GMB phone verification? Thanks in advance
  9. shettan

    Low budget Rank & Rent Journey

    Hi, First thing, ignore any typos or grammar mistakes because English is not my native language. THE BORING INTRODUCTION: I live in 3rd world country, and the economy is declining. There are restrictions on personal foreign currency spending, so I can't spend as many dollars as I need on...
  10. M

    Rank & Rent - a newby's plan for success

    Hello dwellers of BHW. Long-time lurker here, just took the plunge and registered on the forum. Looking forward to getting more active in the community :D To make a long story short, I'm looking to make a little more supplementary income for myself. In a years time, I would be extremely happy...
  11. light and bolts

    [Motivation Thread] Making money with Rank and Rent in 2022

    I always love this kind of threads. Let's share how much money are we making with Rank and Rent in 2022 I'll start, I made 400$ this month! Not much but it pays the bills! My niche? Tourism
  12. J

    [Journey] Rank and Rent Site Journey to Passive $300/month

    Hello everyone, After reading so many BHW journey, I got inspired and starting my own journey building a rank and rent site. I am aiming to generate $300/month passive income by end of September 2022 (i.e. 6 months). I have already experience building rank and rent sites by working for a client...
  13. light and bolts

    Rank and rent: restoration niche

    hello, anybody has experience doing rank and rent in the building restoration niche? (let's say someone wants to make their kitchen new -> they would hire a restoration company) Anybody has experience with in this niche?
  14. GringoMonkey

    ● [JV] ● My Local SEO Ranking, Your Local Lead Buyers

    As the title says, I can rank pretty quickly for local keywords and am looking to partner with someone who can sell local leads in the USA, not the service and pays weekly for leads.
  15. BlueCatServices

    [JOURNEY] Starting a Local Rank & Rent Business

    Little Background I'm pretty tired of the freelancer rat race and looking for a way to scale things up once and for all. In the past month my main idea was to transition from freelancer to start my own web design studio. I keep procrastinating the creation of the latter and eventually realized...
  16. 12popi123

    Powerful Mass Pages Up To - 1000 Subdomains / 40000 SEO Optimized Articles / 1 Niche per Website

    As you could see lately a lot of big mass websites popped up, there is no secret that these sites still ranking and going strong. Let me create for you 40000 Pages Digital Empire! What you get? - 1000 Subdomains (Choose if you want to include kws) - 40000 SEO optimized webpages - 1500+ words...
  17. GringoMonkey


    I have a B2B and B2C agency and am looking at setting up a local lead gen agency targeting usa customers. I have a system to easily rank local usa services and am looking for potential partners for a local rank and rent agency. If this JV interests you feel free to get in touch, outlining what...
  18. Holzr

    Here’s the Perfect Solution if You Want to Make Money With Lead Generation and Rank and Rent

    New and improved service! Are you a new or veteran internet marketer tired of chasing fads and saturated ways to make money? Are you tired of wasting time and money only to be frustrated by slow and poor results? Are you ready to take control and enter a truly evergreen, profitable, and huge...
  19. J

    How to get GMB verified using Craiglist method?

    Does anybody know how to get GMB verified using Craiglist method? Thank you.
  20. Hayden Russell

    Local Lead Generation Physical Address?

    I really like the idea of local lead gen as it takes away the hardest part of getting clients... convincing them that you are legit and can deliver leads. However, I do have a question: How do y'all rank a local site without a physical address? Citations seem to be a very important ranking...
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