1. LearningForever

    How to create Youtube 24/7 Streaming Radio

    I am looking to do a streaming youtube radio like those lo-fi or chillwave 24/7 live music streaming radio. Any software reccomendation to automate it? Thanks!
  2. AS2807TN

    Monetize a radio portal website ? your ideas are welcome

    Hello everybody, I'm new here and came to ask for ideas of projects. I always have been thinking about making a radio portal website for many reasons : - I dont have to work on it that much since i create the specefic radio pages and content for each one - the hard work is to bring traffic...
  3. Jovanov1c

    I Need Someone to Build Me a Radio/Blog Website!

    Why i need this? So basically i own a music promo type of youtube channel with over 90k subs which recently got demonetized due to youtube's new policy changes and i don't think that it will ever be monetized again (at least not any time soon). Since it's not bringing any revenue but still has...
  4. domyhd

    Youtube Radio 24/7

    Hi, i want to make a "Radio Station" on youtube just like this one: I want to stream on VPS (bandwith is not a problem) via FFMEPG but the problem is, where to get music? I cant make a 24 hour long video file with 24 hours of music and then play it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. T

    Radio Airplay bot

    Hi there, Can somebody code a bot for Radio Airplay that generates points? Alternatively, having unlimited access to their Diamond package on Airplay Plus is fine by me too. I can't link to the product (BHW restricts me to that) so here is a picture so you can google it yourself: Who is...
  6. palashtd

    How to create a blog talk radio show?

    Hi, I am a passionate tech blogger. I would like to create a blog talk radio show which will be broadcast through my blog. So how is it possible to create a blog talk radio show for my blog?
  7. alterego888

    Your opinion of Alex Jones and infowars is......

    What are your opinions of Alex Jones and infowars? Hero or not so much? Wakes us up or should STFU? Fighting the NWO or feeding from them?
  8. O

    How to promote Blog

    Hello friends I recently create a blog on Radio Jockey title and I want to promote it among the people and I am willing to ask you that how to promote a blog and also suggest me which is the best PPC advertisement site and I want to add adds on my blog and make some capital from my blog.
  9. J

    Need a proxy based in CALI which works with adobe flash player

    hi just a question guys i wana listen to this radio wich is in L.A unfortunatly i'm not in L.A anymore and they block it "restricted area" in streaming. So what should i do ? does someone know a free proxy base in California that can work with adobe flash player ? THX for help ;-)
  10. sclick

    [WTH] Blog Posters ...

    Open Offer ... You should have accounts with several blogs; more is better All blogs must be Do follow instant or quick (24 hour or less) approval PR 3+ preferred niches: radio, televison, music, entertainment; others that accept, instantly, ok, too. provide list for...
  11. spaceinvader

    internet radio [electronic music]

    Thought id share this since ive not seen it mentioned before here on BHW: ...its streaming internet radio, mainly dance and electronic but also has loads of other channels. its well known so im sure a lot of you have heard of them but for those who haven't its a gem. :D They play...
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