1. ChillerNiller

    [FREE] HD Quality Movie Scenes from Clip.Cafe

    Got PRO account, post a link here and I'll PM you the video clip. Requirements: 3 Downloads per user per day
  2. Josh Saga

    Vanity is definitely my favorite sin.

    "Dear, It's so basic, self-love; the all-natural opiate. You know, it's not that you didn't care for Anyone, Dear. It's just that you were a little bit more involved with someone else: yourself." -Al Pacino as Satan (call him Dad); The Devils Advocate (1997) --------------------- Amazing how...
  3. J

    Tee Spring Site

    Hi. I am looking to have a tee spring page/site set up. I would need a logo and banner to match the site. I can give all of the details if this is something you can do. Thanks so much
  4. SeedPhrase

    Quotes website rank boost hack

    I need some help to rank one of my quotes site any suggestions I will be pleased...what I need to do to outsell my competitors?? I have a good domain authority and quality backlinks but I don't know what is wrong with Google..
  5. Nana Dada

    Content Generator for Social Media (Create Tons of JPGs, GIFs, and Videos) - QuoteWorkshop.com

    QUOTE WORKSHOP GENERAL DESCRIPTION Quote Workshop (https://quoteworkshop.com) is an automated content generation tool for social media. It can produce tons of original images, animated GIFs, and videos with famous quotes with just a few clicks. The user just has to: Select target quote...
  6. Voyag

    Interesting Quote!

    This particular quote from a mystic(Sadguru) got me thinking. Let me know your thoughts.
  7. spicyboi

    Convert Tweets/quotes into images with watermark

    Question. If you scrape thousands of tweets relevant to your niche, is there a program that can turn them into bulk images of the text in a template that has your accounts watermark? This would get around twitter detecting duplicate tweets, and the images could also be used for instagram. For...
  8. HydroxZ

    42.5k Scraped Quotes

    Saw this thread [METHOD] How to create UNIQUE content for Instagram in 5 minutes and decided to scrape the most popular quotes from https://allauthor.com/quotes/topic/, 42.5k quotes in total. Those are sorted like following: Quote, Author & Category Download...
  9. Arpan Mondal

    How to sell my Instagram Custom Quote Service?

    Hey, I am selling Instagram Custom inspirational quotes & motivational quotes on Fiverr. But I am confused How to sell my service and also how to approach to my potential buyer? Can anyone help me please to market my service in a right way! Thanks in advance.
  10. sus

    How to download Quotes from internet?

    Can anyone of you suggest me an idea to download list of quotes from website like brainyquotes?
  11. MSF

    My Adsense Journey to Passive Income

    I am starting a niche Viral site in the area of quotes and sayings. i will focus on compiling lists of different types of quotes and will craft a unique and engaging funnel for each one. The idea of just blasting a site in a couple weeks/month with tens of thousands of quotes and expect to...
  12. steve18

    Scraping quotes from brainyquote

    Hey! I am planning to get a list of quotes from brainyquote, but it takes a lot just to copy paste into a word file. Does anyone knows any scraper/fetcher/script/software that could scrape all quotes from brainyquote in categories or by keywords? I have seen some of them, but it is only for...
  13. truelearner

    Motivational Quotes

    The midst of life taking me away And I"m gentle in getting pushed along .... “True freedom is impossible without A mind Made Free by discipline.” There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve...
  14. kikiriki

    [Giveaway] How to design attractive Quotes for social media and blogs - PREMIUM

    Hey BHW family, This is my course that i created and i am more then happy to share it with you! This is the very first time ever that i recorded myself and the first course i created ever so i am very excited! What i show in this course is how i create simple and attractive quotes almost...
  15. J

    Making Money in The Quote Niche

    Hello Guys i have an instagram with over 15k active followers (i get from 1.500 likes to 2.000) and i was thinking to make a website. Is it Worthing? is instagram good for traffic?
  16. C

    From an Outsider's perspective

    Hey Guys, I'm new here and have been lurking the forums for quite sometime now and decided to join. I have a page called Spokensmooth and I'm trying to turn it into an entrepreneurial niche and monetize by using shoutouts (or the next best method). I'm fairly new to this and any advice would be...
  17. Shadexpwn

    Shadexpwn's Dark Blackhat Marketing Quotes - Explict

    Guaranteed no money down letter inside. Rest assured we Ponzi based on development you Ponzi during embezzlement. Guaranteed no money down, right there maneuverability. Guaranteed no money down, highest interest rate of the year. You scramble I thrive, your risk my reward. You'll never...
  18. maxedgames

    Quote That Will Bring You Success

    Here is a quote or saying that I heard that literally changed how I view my life, please read, it is well worth it. If you were given $86,000 a day, everyday how would you spend it? This $86,000 does not add up and will not carry over to the next day. You could spend $1000 or $70,000...
  19. K

    No Unique Content Yet Ranks Almost Every Term

    I am referring to the quote site Brainy Quote. There is no original or unique content. All the content is available in the Internet. Yet, this site is ranked for number one in almost all the terms, like ability quotes, love quotes, etc. I don't think it is penalized by Google. It has lots of...
  20. X

    Need Quote To My Company.

    Hi, We had started a new company. this is our new DATA ENTRYS+Technologies company. We need a new Quote to our company. Our Old Quote is "We Step Ahead Of Innovation". Pls share your Quote.It will be helpful to us. With Thanks, Xpress Technologies.
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