1. jaysamuel

    Need Clever Way to Tell My Boss "Suck it".

    Started making $10k per month, I really need a good way to tell my boss to suck it. (I'm quitting). I have a $1,000 budget to do this. He's a general asshole. I really couldn't come up with anything good. My best friend quit last week and he used the mariachi band, so that's out of the...
  2. Jack@

    Do I give up on my 2.3k luxury IG page?

    First things first I am not a quitter, hear me out: Two months ago me and two ' partners' of mine started a luxury page on instagram, we post photos of cars, mansions, yachts etc. etc. Basically the goal was to become big and make some money off of instagram ( who doesnt want this? ) We had a...
  3. Elin Dotsya

    How Long Did It Take You To Make Your First $10k?

    Note: I mean not just the time it took for the actual money, but also the entire learning period and failure that went with it. This thread is more about what it really takes to get to that level where money just seems to pile up. Many successful people brag about making money with little to no...