question about seo

  1. Caramelman7

    What is SEO Keyword Research ?

    Can someone please explain me what is SEO Keyword Research and SEO Keywords? What are the uses for these ? What are the tools needed to do SEO keyword researching ? Are there free options ?
  2. P

    Off-Page seo question and answers in interview.

    hey! guys today! is my interview of off-page SEO analyst so.... what can they do by asking me the questions about SEO of off-page SEO?
  3. Zahid009

    Everyone cast their vote For Ahreaf SEO Tool & Samrush SEO Tool.

    There are many SEO tools in the market. I would like to see a competition between AHEFR SEO TOOL & SAMRUSH SEO TOOL. Please tell me which of them is a good tool to check the site.
  4. Zahid009

    How We Increase The Website Ranking..???

    Hello Everyone Please guide me what is the best way to increase the website traffic DA, PA, and DR...
  5. bangun tidur

    [ASK] Weird SERP Question?!

    Lately serp has been really weird this day and we know it because May Core update because some of the site i've working always high in traffic and after may 5 exactly it just go down to almost no impression. But i don't want to blame but instead i want to share a little bit about my trouble...
  6. Cafien

    Affiliate Marketing.. Where Do I Start?

    Hello everyone, I love going through the money making section here because of the ideas that people bring to the table. That being said I'm pretty new to IM in general. I understand the concepts that are being posted here in regards to IM and Affiliate Marketing. My problem is not knowing where...
  7. Mymusic

    How long does Google takes to show the crawled link in the google webmaster tools?

    Few days back I made few backlinks at then today I searched all my made backlinks in google and lucky few of them have got crawled (appearing in the search result) but those crawled links are not showing in my webmaster tools in the links section while all my old...
  8. theduke60

    eCommerce URLs & SEO Question

    First of all, thank you all for reading. I've been a long time lurker and have just very recently signed-up. This forum and all of you changed my life deeply around 3 years ago when I started making money with Affiliate Marketing and for that I am grateful (and I promise I'll work on a long...
  9. Y

    Brand New E-commerce site - How long to hide it from Google and others

    Hello all, Being a lurker for some time now (trying to learn), I've decided to start a new IM venture with an E-Commerce Amazon affiliate site ( or other suppliers later on). Have domain, hosting, theme and the Idea. My question is : Since the site is a product review - Affiliate link...
  10. Jai Mendez

    Robot.txt question

    Guys Im a newbie. and I want to ask if the robot.txt is important to mywebsite? should I put it? and one more thing. my new blog post was indexed 6 days after I publish it. is it normal?
  11. ReliableSEOGuy

    Question about weak inner site outranking strong main page

    Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, but I just can't understand how a weak inner site like that can outrank way stronger sites. The first one is a shop page (collection from a specific product type) and has about 30 backlinks. The main page of this site has about 450 backlinks. The...
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