1. darkozrinski

    Marketer, Adservers and adnetworks

    Hello, my name is Darko, I am the marketer, publisher and advertiser. Recently found out about that Forum and am excited to learn more about ads and marketing. YOu guys have really huge knowledge here. Any advertisers or publishers here? See you around!
  2. predator1988@

    Best ad network for Latin America and Spain???

    Hi which is the best ad network for Latin America and Spain except Adsense??? I am in the gaming niche.
  3. barber

    [WordPress] Scheduled publication of drafts

    I'm looking for a simple plugin to publish for example 2 drafts per day, I know there are many such plugins, but I'm concerned with simplicity because there are 300+ drafts so moving to a calendar or clicking on a draft is not an option. I would like to set it up once so that new entries added...
  4. R

    About myself

    :p Hi everyone,my name is Ryan and I am a worker in China which looking for CPI and real Android Traffic. Our budget is large monthly and the volume will be limitless. If you have resources or interested, please contact me in any time~ Like the black style of this forum, and people around...
  5. S

    What is the estimated earning for a publisher with Ezoic from 1000 clicks in USD?

    What is the estimated earning for a publisher with Ezoic from 1000 clicks in USD?
  6. B

    Hey I need help putting ads on my website

    I have a text sharing website , I've applied for adsense and they've declined me for low value content. Are there any alternatives I can use to monetize my website.
  7. Twistler

    What Are The Best Ad Networks?

    I noticed this question has been asked a lot on BlackHatWorld and either there are no replies or the Ad Networks people suggest are all over the place. Can anyone provide a small list (or at least one) reliable ad network(s) that have decent CPM rates above $3 with no minimum traffic...
  8. R

    Looking for publisher of top newspapers

    we are looking for Native/Sticky/Sponsored Articles published on homepage in top newspapers which has DA 89+. Newspapers category type we need are Technology/Investment/Finance as an example : Bloomberg, Techcrunch, Techradar, Entrepreneur, etc.
  9. Silver_Blaze

    Better Ad Network for Publishers?

    I'm currently using PurpleAds alongside AdSense. PurpleAds used to be alright, but now they seem to be shaving and delaying payments. Are there any other better ad networks similar to PurPleAds? Thanks.
  10. kd199121

    In Search Of Good Ad Network

    Hi, I am getting and average of 1000 to 2000 clicks per day On My website ( Informational Blog ) and soon i am targeting for 5000 clicks in a day Top Countries are United states And Canada - Any good network for a publisher like me? I know about adsense only.. Any suggestion would be highly...
  11. OrderXBL

    Looking for a PPI (.exe desktop) that has good rates. reward

    looking for a pay per install service that is legit. reward for looking: Keyword online search text tool (quick copy and paste 500 key words) that should help the SEO.
  12. P

    Looking contact in AdultDateLink Network?

    Hi everyone, Anyone here working in AdultDateLink Network? Looking contact in AdultDatelink Network.
  13. michiosha1

    Has anyone worked with Yodo1 Games?

    I've got an offer from this publisher to work with them for one of my games that has 300k downloads on ios and 3mln on android (over 3+ years). Did anyone worked with them? Do I need them? I've seen games in their profile where some performed bad and some good. I don't know if it's worth the...
  14. E

    Looking for affiliate platforms

    Hi, everyone! Hope you are all great! I am new here and I wonder if you can advise me any profitable affiliate platform to work with and earn good money. I am looking for global and beneficial offers. I am mostly interested in travel and e-commerce verticals. I am comparing several platforms...
  15. P

    Looking for specific Offer.

    Hi BHW members! Im looking for Adult&Dating offer specifically ALT.COM that allowed Chat Traffic.
  16. P

    Looking Specific Offer

    Hi BHW members! Im looking for Adult&Dating offer specifically ALT.COM that allowed Chat Traffic.
  17. E

    Gemini account (as publisher)

    Wonder if anyone here has experience with Yahoo Gemini (now known as Flurry?) as publisher? I was told that Native Ads for *Web* is only available to managed publishers. And it's not easy to qualify as one... Reason I ask is because someone is trying to sell me an account. I was told their ppc...
  18. D

    Don't know if this is big but.. a publisher just picked up my article!

    Hey BHW hope all is well. I recently started using Medium blog to publish articles for my Facebook group, potential clients, and actual clients. I posted a couple articles but I got a message from Medium that a publisher wanted to use my article and post it in their media outlet. I don't...
  19. P

    Looking for Adult&Dating offer, specifically ALT.COM

    Hello BHW family, I'm a publisher and mainly working in Adult&Dating verticals. I'm looking for the ALT.COM offer with good rate and No CB restrictions and weekly payout. Anyone has an offer for this and let me get an account.
  20. C

    I want to buy Revcontent / Taboola / Outbrain PUBLISHERS accounts.

    Hello, I want to buy Revcontent / Taboola / Outbrain Publisher Approved Accounts.
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