1. wapfalls

    Do you think App ban in countries like India & US is to protect people's privacy?

    While there are huge tensions growing between different countries, people in power from countries like India and US (backed by big Corporates) are utilizing this opportunity for their own good by trying to kill competition as a strategy in the name of protecting people's privacy. In my opinion...
  2. P


    Does Somebody knows about any program which has gaming offers like FREE PUBG Cash or FREE FORTNITE SKINS ?! Please lemme know...
  3. ahmadtr14

    Looking for Instagram Accounts to Buy

    Hello BHW, i am looking to buy ACTIVE Instagram Accounts in these niches: Fortnite PUBG FIFA Black ops 4 Gaming in General PM me usernames and prices, i go first only if you are a trusted BHW seller or a JR VIP. Looking for organic traffic, don't try to fool me with fake accounts and...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Never Played PubG...

    Is it only me on BHW who never Played PubG till now? or is there anyone else is here?
  5. Steve Zapalac

    What will be the next update in PUBG mobile

    Hello friends, You guys have any thoughts / expectations for the next update in the PUBG Mobile game? I expect to add a new MAP ( To be like the Pandora Planet from the Avatar movie ) LOL Let's see if we can get some interesting replies below:
  6. Danny Crypto

    Do you play PUBG Mobile?

    Do anyone from BHW play pubg mobile?
  7. 55trillion

    Anybody playing PUBG on VPS using Emulator?

    It's been very long i didn't played any windows or android games. Planning to play PUBG on VPS this weekend using emulator like bluestacks or nox, My laptop configuration sucks, so i want to buy good VPS(Which is best to play PUBG). If anybody already playing using vps please share your review.
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