1. M

    Traffic Exchange Platform

    I am looking for a traffic exchange platform that allow me to reward users when then sign up to my site. Which traffic exchange platform supports that?
  2. amfost

    PTC Website - Journey

    Hello forum. I've always been intrested by this kind of websites and to be honest, i've always wanted to own one. After spending countless hours researching, I finally stumbled upon a script that allowed me to fulfill my dream. WEBSITE: CASHSURF.FUN Here's my journey and i'd love to hear...
  3. G

    How can I bring advertisers to my website?

    I created a PTC website, but I don't have any idea to get advertisers
  4. djsobuj

    Best PTC ( paid to click) websites?

    Best PTC ( paid to click) websites? Please comment some legal ptc site you know.
  5. Kpy13

    PTC side and google admob

    Hello everyone, I want to make Android app for education material and i want to implement advertising in it, if i use PTC site to generate traffic and viewing ad in my apl, does google block my admobs account?
  6. skynex66

    My PTP / Pop Traffic, Your Monetization

    If you are having difficulty buying traffic at verry low price and you have good converting landingpages / offers this maybe the JV for you. Traffic is from POP, PTC, PTP and other sources I can send sample of traffic for 24 hours after that I would be looking for a 50/50 split of the profits...
  7. X

    Hi everyone just joined, hope your all having a good day !

    As a new member to the site and a newbie in the world of Seo and PPC, I would welcome information or comments on how to setup an automated passive income system that works and doesn't require any human intervention. Look forward to hearing 'what works' and as a newbie I would appreciate an easy...
  8. illumine jr

    What is the best PTC network?

    I tried many sites earlier. But I couldn't find any legit PTC site What is the best PTC network you are using?
  9. T

    Proxies or/and VPN to make bank?

    I have a serious question, wouldn't acquiring 10-100 proxies or a VPN to make a correspondent amount of accounts in PTC and/or Captcha solving sites be possible? And if so, wouldn't that mean you can make essentially thousands of dollars per month or even per day, if scaled?
  10. kokorase

    10 Best legit, tested, high paying Inboxdollars altenratives

    Guys I'm not sure if this is the right section for this topic, please notify me or move it to the correct section if I'm mistaken. If sites like (similar to) Inboxdollars and Inboxdollars alternatives are what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. Not just sites like...
  11. Marky0512

    How much custom PTC/PPV website cost?

    I have a project in mind and I want to test it out. I really don't have much knowledge regarding with coding so technically if possible I need a basic admin panel. I saw on codecanyon made by cronlab but it is too much. (I'm not affiliate or anything to this developer) and based on the comments...
  12. T

    Method for passive income? (PTC,All1tool,Clixsense bot?)

    Hello guys, Are there any methods to get some passive income just by running bot on PC? I was using All1Tool to click me on PTC AD's sites, but this generates me like 1USD per day max(about 30sites runing). But thats quite not enough... many sites are limited to click max around 20 AD's a site...
  13. Tenebra23

    200 $/m with PTC

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I hope you'll like it (I apologize for my English, I'm Italian). Many of you know a lot about how PTC work and will consider this post useless, but I would like to share something with people who don't know a lot about this topic. I'm making some decent money...
  14. N

    Making money with Neobux

    Hi, I heard Neobux is a genuine and legitimate ptc site. If any body has any experience working on this site, I just want to know how much money one can make clicking for ads. Is there any strategy for RR? Can any body share with me the methods to get DR?
  15. R

    Clixsense PTC

    Thanks to all the users of this wonderful forum. I've scanned this thread because I need references to my ptc website.clixsense
  16. M

    Fiverr Traffic And CPM?

    I had the idea of sending cheap fiverr traffic to a site with a CPM ad I found something where you get 1000 clicks a day for 30 days for $5. Is there anything that I'm not thinking of? Thanks! :)
  17. W

    I have (US) PTC traffic, tips to monetize?

    i have tons of PTC traffic available (up to 100k uv's/day per url). Also have the skills and scripts to spoof /blank the referrer on analytics and other traffic analysing tools. Advertisers buy less and less direct credits on our sites, so I'm looking for some affiliate/cpc/cpm networks that...
  18. Reposal024

    Play Store Referral App On Top Of Google

    Sorry for my bad English :/ Hello, So at April 27 I had this crazy idea of creating an app with my referral link in it for ClixSense. I copied an whole guide from the Internet and pasted it in my app (Doesnt matter for SEO ofcourse because its in my app) I published my app to the Play Store...
  19. N

    NinjaClix - RevShare, Offerwalls, Etc

    NinjaClix is back. 2.0! Brand new site update. Using the very popular UseTitan script. AdPacks start at $1. With 120% return. Minimum cashout is $2 for Payza. And BitCoin is less than $0.15. Payments are Instantly paid. Deposits are Instant as well. Unlimited direct referrals for all...
  20. MSol2x

    What my research says - Direct Referrals: 10 Effective & Easy ways to get them

    I have been quite busy since my last post about my journey into joining the world of referral business on PTC sites. The key ingredient to earning more in PTCs and GPTs is to really get a massive amount of traffic to your site or page. From these traffic, you could collect your potential...
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