proxy help

  1. Prototype127

    Can I switch to USB tethering to change my IP as a mobile IP for Email marketing ?

    Can I switch to USB tethering on my pc to change my IP as a mobile IP for Email marketing rather buying from proxy sellers? I was expecting it would work same by using 5 different phone SIM and connecting them via USB tethering on my pc to switch IP's Will it work for email marketing ? I...
  2. L

    Proxy Hire - Hire someone with experience using Proxies

    I have a platform ready in 1 month that I need to have different content, uploaded from different locations on different accounts posted daily. I do not know about proxies, I need guidance to pull off this plan. The platform is available in UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and...
  3. A

    Proxy consultation

    Hello! I am pretty new with proxy and have a lot of questions. Can someone give me a consultation about proxy ?
  4. R

    Short Tricky Proxy questions

    Whats up ya'll. Heres the verdict. Currently Starting my journey in a unique niche, just about to hit 1,000 followers from F/UF method alone. I have a partner that uses instagram on his phone, I use it on mine. Been botting from my home Wifi as to avoid any instagram suspicions, but eyeballing...
  5. D

    I Keep Getting BANNED! Need help.

    So here's the thing, I really need your guys' help. I've been trying to use this website (won't mention its name, just in case they see this), but I keep getting suspended eventually, I've tried everything and I get suspended anyways. Here's what I have tried so far: Trying A LOT of...
  6. O

    Looking for a good working rank tracker

    Hi guys, I am looking for a tool that helps me track the rankings of many keywords on a daily basis. I'm talking 30.000 keywords at the moment but the number will increase. The tool needs to collect adequate ranking data from Germany, Austria an Switzerland and provide the possibility to...
  7. D

    Banned for using Instagram Proxy?

    Hi there guys. I'm going to be buying 50 of aged Insta accounts and plan to run them all on a seperate proxy. My question is how do I edit the bio and change the password and all that without them having them connected to homes IP? I'm concerned that Insta's algorithm is gonna flag me spammer...
  8. Vagr

    Best/Most reliable proxies?

    Do you have any recommendations for what proxy provider to use for instagram?
  9. PChanger

    [HAVE] 25 Proxies Expiring In 20 Days. What Should I Do With Them?

    Hey BHW, I have 25 dedicated private proxies that are expiring in 20-ish days. I've been using them for FL botting Twitter and Instagram. The site I got them from had an amazing black Friday deal, so now I'm getting 30 dedicated private proxies per month for $30 rather than 25 for $37. Long...
  10. PChanger

    Proxies For IG Churn N Burn?

    Hey guys, I have an idea that involves: 1. Buying 100 instagram accounts 2. Driving traffic 3. Getting them all banned within a few days 4. Repeat What kind of proxies should I get for this? I don't think dedicated, recurring-payment proxies are the way to go and that's all I've used before...
  11. Stiletto

    Need help with Proxies

    Hello, I already posted this question in one of the noob threads, but nobody answered. I started CPA + Youtube and it's going pretty well, but today YT deleted one of my best vids. What I want to ask is, how to create more accounts on youtube? I mean, I know how to create accounts but I...
  12. D

    Scrapebox why do i need to use proxies

    I have just purchased scrapebox watched the videos provided, but i cannot see why i need to use proxies, what are the importance of proxies? I can see that on the video he could use a private proxy, but the server that i have installed scrapebox on does has 5 public ip addresses which could be...
  13. N

    Stop paying for proxies - Learn how to setup your own proxy company

    For those of you who are still paying way too much money on proxies services. This guide is ********* for you. To start off, setting up a proxy server isn't really that hard if you have: 1. A budget ($100 usd +) The more you put into it, the more you can get back out. You can also...
  14. N

    Wanted your opinions

    Hi I plan to buy a proxy service from the following site w3.eliteproxyswitcher.cOm/buyproxy.php My question if I change the proxies will my adsense account will get the proxies Ip address or my real system IP address and also is worth buying it??? Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    Can I use Proxies for Adsense?

    Hi friends, I am new for using proxies... Can I use Can Proxies for Adsense? will my account will be safe?? Thanks in Advance..
  16. I

    100% anonymity? (or close?)

    I'm looking at using a VPN, or private proxy lists (bought from, or Cloakfish; or a combination of. I am looking to achieve the highest level of anonymity possible. If there is another option that I am overlooking, please suggest. I want something that cannot be...
  17. G

    Newbie, proxies anyone?

    I'm new to the forum, but I have been reading for some time and this place rocks, lots of great information. I think I'm in the right place for this question. I could use a tutorial about how to connect through a proxy as to spoof location. I'm specifically interesting in fooling pages like...
  18. A

    Proxies not working even after using Charon

    I've been using Charon for awhile now and have played with most of the settings, but the supposedly working proxies I get after testing a list are still hit or miss. If I try to use them in my browser right after testing them, I usually get a "proxy refusing connections" or some other error...
  19. Patrat

    Proxy Guide (Help please)

    Could all you experienced ones please help? I am in the process on setting up an Black Hat operation (E-Whoring/Pimping) and needed help in the Proxy department. Here is a list of what I need to do: Create email accounts (e.g gmail) anonymously Create Social Nework accounts (e.g...
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