proxy guide

  1. B

    Build Your Own Proxy

    I'm working on an info product to teach people how to build their own private, fast, dedicated proxy server. I don't have a "pitch page" or anything yet, but I do have a draft of the product. I'd like to get some feedback for it so I'm happy to share it with the first dozen or so people that...
  2. N

    Stop paying for proxies - Learn how to setup your own proxy company

    For those of you who are still paying way too much money on proxies services. This guide is ********* for you. To start off, setting up a proxy server isn't really that hard if you have: 1. A budget ($100 usd +) The more you put into it, the more you can get back out. You can also...
  3. Patrat

    Proxy Guide (Help please)

    Could all you experienced ones please help? I am in the process on setting up an Black Hat operation (E-Whoring/Pimping) and needed help in the Proxy department. Here is a list of what I need to do: Create email accounts (e.g gmail) anonymously Create Social Nework accounts (e.g...
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