proxy application

  1. Yasith

    Need help with proxy service

    I see many marketplace posts about proxy services. But I don't have a clear idea about this. Now what I only know about proxy is, I have YT video download site. So I use tor proxy to prevent IP ban while scrap videos from YouTube. (but tor has many bad IPs :weep: ) Is that same thing they're...
  2. hunter2019


    Hello friends, I needs dslr for ads posting.but i dont know where can i get this ip please help me......this site address or contact info.
  3. B

    firefox profiles & proxy

    I recently updated firefox and i created several profiles. And i was going to install different proxy for each one of them. This part was easy but once i check my ip from "" i see all profiles have the same ip which is my main ip. How can i install proxy to firefox? Shall i use...
  4. OmegaPoint

    Running a program threw proxy?

    So, I recently moved outside of the states and some of the games I play are no longer in a region they work with. I can use a VPN and the lag isn't that bad, but discord is. Is there a way to run just a single application threw a proxy?