1. Teotech

    Cheap Premium Private Proxies - Perfect For SEO Tools - 1 GB Speed - BHW 50% OFF

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 04/06/2016 ---- We are proud to present premium private high anonymous HTTP proxies with an exclusive 50% OFF for BHW members !!! Get access at all major websites as Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube, General Browsing...
  2. T

    Need to buy a server for Xrumer, SENukex, A.M.R ,Scrapebox

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to buy a server for Xrumer, SENukex, A.M.R, Scrapebox My Question I don't know from where to buy 1- The server that does not conflict with software from A. Data center policy of spam B. Server specifications are high 2- Proxies or Ips for not bypassing spam...
  3. DisavowedKing - AWESOMENESS!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to and their general awesomeness. I signed up for an account and used their BHW code to get my 25% discount. I bought 25 proxies and so far they are working out AWESOME style...
  4. L

    [GET]Proxy Lists and lots of them :-)

    Go to Google, copy and paste below and click search +?:8080″ +?:3128″ +?:80″ filetype:txt and that's it. hit the thanks button please :P
  5. C

    Where to buy provate proxies for ScrapeBox?

    Hi, I need to get private proxies for scrapebox, someone told me that proxybonanza was pretty good, but it looks like they no longer allow people to use their proxies on scrapebox. So any other good/cheap suggestions? I would only need around 20 proxies. Thanks
  6. S

    14.12.10 - Speed Sock 5 Servers

    Speed Sock 5 Servers Fresh & fast Sock 5 Servers (Timeout 1) A little thanks will be great :beerglass
  7. N

    Be careful of public proxies -warning

    For those of you who are using public proxies, be very careful. Public anonymous proxies sometimes switch and reveal your ip address which becomes a security issue after a while. Here is a little experiment. For those of you who have scrape box, do this: 1. Gather proxies using scrape...
  8. mrgrim

    Proxie Server help

    Hey i need some guidance on making my own proxy server with multiple proxies I have a dedicated server running lamp i downloaded squid but was not sure if i needed anything else i plan on giving out some free proxies to bhw members, The reason im making mu own server is cause i cant stand using...
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