1. WillBeCoder

    How many projects do you run at the same time to make money?

    I have a ChatGPT journey, click here and follow it. I have 5 projects at the moment: 1. Useful Notes/blog about IT - completely AI generated content (if it gets success, I can monetize it with Google Ads?) 2. An affiliate network products shopping website - completely AI generated content 3...
  2. L

    How to promote this link

    Hello can some expert please tell me where to advertise this link from last 1 month i am doing it on LinkedIn but no benefit any other way if you can please tell me Thank You
  3. whywork

    NFT Whitepaper Tips (2022)

    Hello BHW, I have been helping people with their NFT projects for the past year and so I have done tons of research on what works and what doesn´t. One of the main pieces of any project is their whitepaper, I´ve seen it all, so to make it easier for yall. I am sharing with you my criteria to...
  4. L

    Need some help in upwork

    Hello I need some help please I am not getting any response in Upwork I have spend more than 100 connects I am not talking about getting projects on Upwork I want to know why I am not getting any response message on Upwork at least a single message
  5. L

    [FREE] I'll code your projects! Ranging from scripts and basic web applications too more complex ideas - Limited offer

    I can gladly state that I'm a fresh and new user on-site and as an introductory gift I want to partially share my "abilities" and/or knowledge with you. My main expertise lies within programming and sometimes engineering: If anyone has a fairly simple software project, automation script or...
  6. B

    NEED HELP! No website traffic

    Your one visit and click adds can help me and even if you share bigger help
  7. H

    How do you guys deal with procrastination?

    Hi guys, I been trying to start my projects, however, always end up procrastinating. My longest stint of procrastination has been just over a year, and it sucks because I feel like I've achieved nothing. My issue is I am always distracted, youtube, games, sleep, gym and everything but working on...
  8. PureDigE

    Looking for- Jarvee wiz, private proxy master, hashtaggers

    Got deep knowledge of private proxies and working those with Jarvee? Master of hashtags? I'm looking to meet some people on here who are interested in work/$$ and love growth hacking. Only dope minded individuals who want to have continuous projects to work on. Insta, FB, YouTube (especially)...
  9. SarahClarah

    Good affiliate link, good proven strategy, close bonds to owners. VPS? CMS? SEO ?

    Hello world. We are running adult dating sites across some countries and I need to promote some women. My affiliate link is a *::// So this is a pretty good link from a SEO perspective. Basically, I want Wordpress theme, SSL-cert., previous experience with cPanel two years ago until a...
  10. JournoNick

    BHW Project | :)

    I?ve got a funny 'spammy' group project just for BHW. The project is called 'STD' which is an inconvenient acronym. I hope the lounge is the right place to post this. Now when I say 'spammy', I?m talking spammed forums, spun content on CMS platforms, author profiles, PHP link directories and...
  11. A

    1 Project, Same account, Different settings in FL

    Hey guys, Im running a campaign, and I want to target multiple markets, in the same niche, but different locations. Is there a way to add the same account multiple times to 1 project, but just pause them when I want to switch targets? I want to retain the database (followed, Unfollowed...
  12. T

    How to get Outsourced Projects from other countries?

    Hello, I have started my new company a few months back. We have completed more than 50 projects till date. Now we are looking out for projects from other countries. We are put up at Chennai, India. I have tried bidding projects via freelancer, fiverr and other websites but the response is not...
  13. G

    What is a good software to use for DVD menu building?

    Hey i have a project coming up where i need to make some cool moving DVD menus and not your normal static boring normal DVD menu. I currently use DVD Pro but any other suggestions would be great.
  14. J

    [Section suggestion] Community projects

    I was digging through forum sections for a some time and i think i could suggest creating Community projects. And i apologize if someone already have posted this suggestion. If you think this would be valuable for forum and the community. Where people could find free or paid help, on good and...
  15. artizhay

    [CASE STUDY] Scrapebox Service - 3 months

    A new thread has cropped up about a new Scrapebox service called Rankuply. They provide, allegedly, a new method that brings in longer-lasting, better-quality links. Whether or not it's different than any other Scrapebox service, I don't know, but I was impressed with them being able to bring a...
  16. B

    Any BH member located in Bangkok/Thailand?

    Hi, I would like to come in contact with BH members who are living in Thailand - preferable in Bangkok - to exchange ideas and do eventually some projects together. Especially I'm looking for experienced and active BH member but if not, no problem at all. Please contact me at this forum...
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