programming language

  1. B17zr

    Best programming language to learn in 2021 ?

    Hi' all I decided that i want to learn a programming language and i've been searching these couple of days about what language is BEST for a beginner to start with in the programming world, and i came across to some that may interest me: Python, PHP, Javascript or JAVA But, I'm yet to be...
  2. xlighter

    Suggest your opinion on Programming Languages used for Web Development

    Okay guys here is the thing. Is it necessary to be a full stack developer in order to design a good website or is it just enough to know selective languages in order to develop a good one? Please let me know which languages is a must to learn and why... you can share your experience here.
  3. Rank wizard Ltd

    What programming language(s) to learn for building advanced web scrappers?

    I'd been an SEO guy for years now. And over time I've headed more towards building my niche blog network. It's going well so far, as long as ROI is concerned. As a part of my working methods, I've got to analyze tons of KW data, content pages and sort them out in some way that is presumably...
  4. M

    Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

    Hi Guys, here is a list of programming languages to start looking into for 2020 that will still be relevant in 5 years.
  5. ad149

    Universal Cross-Platform/ One Programming Language for all Devices

    Hey, Flutter 1.5 just got showcased in the latest Google I/O conference and it is a breakthrough event in all of development history. Born as an alternative Cross-Platform language for iOS and Android, one code works natively for both of platforms, even though in beta phase it beat React Native...
  6. xGoldhunterx

    Learn programming ?

    Hey guys , i'd like to know your opinions about which programming language is the best to learn nowadays ?
  7. M

    Newbe in hacking and programming field

    Hey I m newbie in this field Actually i m in GSM field to crack the phone's security and network unlocking it with all legals. Actually i m dealing specially with android devices. And at the time there is all method and solution of my field is encrypted amd protected. Example there is...
  8. dennsen

    Which Programming Language does this Site/App use?

    Which Programming Language does this Site/App use? "Good Game Empire" What do you think which language they use for their app and which for their Website?