1. tcod3r

    Softs for this board

    Hi there! Sorry please, if this topic is placed in incorrect category. In my introduction i said that i want to make some tools for members of this forums for free. Introduction topic is closed, so i want to continue asking you here. Please, guys, let me know what kind of products you need...
  2. PrincessPink

    How to automate this tedious browser task?

    I want to create some type of bot to automate this tedious task that I have to do for hours on end in Chrome. I need it to: 1. move the mouse around for a few minutes 2. check a box 3. click send 4. loop How would I create something like this? I am a complete noob and don’t know where to start.
  3. TrueMan

    Looking for someone multi-talented

    Hello guys, I am really looking for someone who has experience in both music and programming. Thanks
  4. I

    Instagram acces to other accounts?

    I want to Code an Programm to get likes on Instagram. I know that it's possible to Login to other Instagram acc and use this accounts to get likes. So I "borrow" me the account just to like a Pic. But I don't know how that works, and I have no idea how to Code something like that. I have no...
  5. rydersan

    Desktop Software Ideas

    Hello fellas! I have a request from you guys about desktop app`s. Do you have any idea of desktop app that will be useful for everyone. The programing function can be unimited :D especially social networks. :) I would like to create some Free app for you guys, but i don`t have any idea about...
  6. m.rvs2141

    Need a programmer who can complete project (not super big one)

    Good Day, as title says I need simple programm to be done, Basicly you will add text in one language and choose another language from 3 available Programm will translate in first cicle only first world and prononce it in choosen language (voice), rest word it will prononce in remain language...
  7. D

    Need Help with PPC

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