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  1. kellyjohn

    .edu and .gov profiles

    Still they are worth in on SEO?
  2. A

    How to get profile backlinks indexed?

    Hello guys, I have facing some problems with profile backlinks indexing. I have create some backlinks for my money site. But already many days over google still not indexed my backlinks. Please give me some suggestions how i will indexed my profile backlinks and others backlinks like web 2.0...
  3. S

    Search a Freelancer who can get backlink on Home and health and Travel Niche

    Hi here, I am French and don t speak english very well, so please excuse me if there are errors in this message :confused: I look for links to my sites in the following niches: - House / Construction - Health I need contextual links with the Topical Trust Flow of Majestic SEO is...
  4. ofuture

    Manual Profile Submission High Authority Domain Just $2

    Contact: Skype: seopez E-mail: [email protected]
  5. X

    "Birthday Mood" Giving 50 high PR 8 -PR 5 Profile backlinks to first 100 people to comment

    Just exactly as the title says. Actually my birthday is not today, it is some time around next week. I am just in the mood to give out something since i have never done it before here on this forum. I will be making 50 High PR8 - 5 profile backlinks TOTALLY FREE to first 100 people that...
  6. Warrior 66

    PR4+++ Double Hub Profile Link Wheel (Crush Your Competitors)

    Hi BlackHat World, We hope that you all guys are fine and enjoying your life. First of all we warmly welcome you guys on our thread. As Title stated, We are going to offer ?PR4 ++++ Double Hub Profile Link Wheel?. We will not give you long lecture about benefits of Link Wheel, You guys are...
  7. Ramsweb

    How do you guys create your Profile Links - With different IP's?

    Hi all For those who have been doing a lot of paul and angela type back linking, do you constantly change your IP when you create these. If you didn't change the IP, do all the links get indexed? I was thinking about creating a lot of these type of links but want to know how important ip...
  8. F

    My share with you-free backlink spamming technique

    Here is a technique I learned from seeing what another BHer was doing purely by chance. Better thank forum profiles, here's why: more site content on your page with backlinnks no limit on backlinks (tho there is realistic limit) higher chance of staying active If you want an...
  9. ankur420420

    Profile Backlinks to 25,50,100,125 Sites Combo Packages 8$-20 Free Review Copies Available

    Profile Backlinks to 25,50,100,125 High Authority Sites Combo Packages from 8$-20 Free Review Copies Available Hi all fellow Black Hat World members, I have been on BHW since almost 2 years and I have read about the Profile Backlinks services that some BHW members provide. After my...
  10. S

    What is the benefit from Profile type backlinks?

    I seen lots of people creating everyday hundreds of Profile type backlinks for their sites... "/profile/username"............... Ok... what is the benefit of it. Bec., It has no any high Pagerank in that profile linked page. Then only with indexing how their sites will be boost. I think in...