Pre-landers and Sweepstakes: do you use them?

    Some say that pre-landing pages in sweepstakes offers guarantee at least 50% of its success (others would even give it 70%). In any case without pre-landing pages a user potentially interested to get an iPhone or a voucher might not get to the final step - and we really don’t want THAT. So...
  2. J

    Black Friday Competition in

    Hi there, I wanted to tell you about Black Friday Competition created for users. They promote their new functionality and you can win $20 or $60. All info on their blog or FB fan page. I'm not sure if I can post links yet ;).
  3. SPQR

    Any money in making a GPT Prize website?

    I have a AdWorkMedia account that is just sitting idle, and I want to put it to work. I downloaded a "GPT (get paid to) website" and tested it in XAMPP. My question is: If I made a CPA/Survey prize website, then advertised the hell out of it via Youtube and Facebook, would I make considerable...
  4. B

    I'd Kill...

  5. B

    first 1 to explain order of rss, ping, social wins a prize!

    One of the forum contributors was talking about the best method of getting indexed quickly, and while I have posted this Q on their website, there is resounding silence. Basically, the "most common method" described about getting 'profile links' indexed, sounds exactly the same as people...
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