1. N

    Anyone have access to PR for PRINT papers NOT online?

    Looking if anyone has access to getting a press release published in printed papers such as NYT, Washington Post — not online. Will pay extra, so please reply and pm!
  2. E

    I need an advice or idea..

    First of all, greetings to all. I have been reading the forum for a very long time as a guest, and since I have just come to seek advice, I had to register. Anyway, I am writing to you from Bosnia (southeast Europe- non EU), which is probably very important for this topic. So, a family member...
  3. P

    White Scheme: Earn By Uploading Your Designs

    Hi guys, I am presenting you with a method to earn money by uploading your (or someone else) designs. So the website is TeePublic, it specialises in print on demand sales. Sign Up links: Non-refereal: So what's the trick: You upload a design, the...
  4. Oxeh

    Best print on demand service (tee business)

    Hi guys, i've been looking for days for a good alternative to MBA (since i got banned), any idea? I've already checked many other POD services (teespring, printful, etc.) but i honestly don't know which one is best. Any suggestion?
  5. TonSop

    Where can I get labels like these printed?

    Hello, looking for where I can get labels made that are like the one seen on a liquor bottle. Here it is on a 10 Cane rum bottle: I've reached out to a few online label makers but they were unable to help. Anyone have any...
  6. stack paper

    [GET] NewVision Business Card Template (GraphicRiver)

    Graphic River Product Page: Virus Total Results: Download Link:
  7. G

    Print On Demand Services

    Looking for sites like 'printful' that offer products such as custom kooziesand custom cups. Anyone know of any others?
  8. Dirtdog

    I Print things. Maybe we can Work something out

    Hello, I've been working in the printing industry my whole life. Printing T-Shirts, Posters, Booklets. Recently I started printed Canvases. I'm in the process of getting my website up and running. I would be willing to do the printing for you and drop ship. If you are looking for a partner...
  9. N - Online Printing 40% discount coupon

    For me its time to give something back to community (im a member of bhw for few years now and i gained a lot from the community here) so i have created this special coupon with 40% and you can purchase everything needed for your online/offline business starting from business cards where you...
  10. Y


    printatcu dot com /prints TILL THEIR INK DRIES OUT
  11. K

    US$10 for the first one who solves this CSS problem

    Hey guys, I have a problem with something I'm working on related to CSS. For some reason I can't get the right color on a headline for the print version. If you can help me with this, send me a PM with your Skype ID and I'll add you straight away. Thanks