print on demand business

  1. SEOscrapy

    Best POD service with worldwide shipping ?

    Hello folks, I was asking for POD experts here, what is the best (quality/price) Print on Demand service out there ? PS: services providing Worldwide shipping.
  2. sanj108

    $10,000/Mo Journey with Print-On-Demand Products/Graphics

    Hello all, I have been reading inspiring money making journeys for so long.... Always wondering if I could start a winning journey in BHW! So there I/you go... Luckily I was able to buy a large package of editable PLR T-Shirt design with 255000+ graphics in it. So I can edit the designs and...
  3. TheGameChanger

    Is POD still worth it in 2022?

    Hello BHW family, I hope you're doing well! I have some questions concerning print on demand, I tested it before around 2018-19 with Merch by Amazon and KDP, I made some pocket money and was going steadily until I got my amazon account shut down since I violated their policies working...
  4. MikeX93

    ETSY Ultimate Print on Demand Course 2022 - E-Book Included - Start Your Successful Journey in E-Commerce on Etsy

    Hey there! Mike from Ecom Bird here. The Ultimate Print on Demand Guide for selling on ETSY is now available. This 1 Hour guide includes all the steps that are necessary for your success on Etsy. Learn how to sell merch successfully on Etsy and avoid wasting time and money as a beginner. The...
  5. MikeX93

    Etsy Print on Demand Dominion - EBOOK 2022 - Learn from a 6 Figure Seller - Complete Beginner's Guide

    Hey there! My name is Mike from EcomBird, nice to meet you! :) After working for a while on my EBOOK, I finally managed to finish it and now I can share it with you guys. The link for the EBOOK can be found HERE For those who thought about starting a Print on Demand store on Etsy, this is a...
  6. Moy

    [Journey] Building My Printing Services Store 2022

    Hey guys just posting here to document for myself on my journey to building my printing service store I have and take you along for the ride. As of right now I offer DTG Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl, Banners, Business Cards and much more but our main sellers are those services...
  7. Osemvzegta

    Print on demand :25 sales generated +20$ profit on Redbubble und Spreadshirt!

    Hello there, I've been following some POD gurus a few months ago, To be honest, some of the tips and tricks and tools that have been shared by them did work for me... It's worth sharing on this forum, despite the small amount of profit which is below 50 dollars! -188 Designs -Only 30 days of...
  8. Juherianto

    ✅[UNTAPPED FREE Method] Shopify Dropshipping POD Collabs with ARTIST [ZERO Ads Spend & ZERO Design Skill]

    WANT TO SEE MY REAL RESULTS? Frequently Ask Questions: Q: Is Shopify Dropshipping dead? Is it possible to drive organic sales for Shopify dropshipping? A: Dropshipping is just a business model. It won't die. Yes, it's possible to earn organic sales from Shopify dropshipping. This...
  9. alurosu

    Is it a good time to extend my POD shop?

    I have a redbubble shop that generated constant profits (around 128 models). This happens without paid ads from my part. I was thinking to get my selling designs to other platforms like Etsy. The problem is that this month I have a 20% decrease in sales. I'm afraid it will keep this downward...
  10. EternalFun

    [JV] POD Business - Long Term Profitable Venture

    Hello JV interested peoples, I want to start a POD business as a long term business venture. Details of this JV: 1. Site, Domain, Designs will be mine and traffic will be yours. We will start with FB ads as POD is best suited for Facebook. 2. The designs I make and have are very proven and...
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