price comparison script

  1. Mr_Sorry

    Product matching for price comparison

    Hello, Maybe some of you will be familiar with this. I'm building a price comparison website and now I have encountered a product matching problem. How do you cope with it? I have a lot of product feeds (.xml, .csv) from different shops, but not all of them have universal product codes such as...
  2. vishy

    [JV] My Price Tapestry Price Comparison Script & Your Technical Skills

    Hi, I bought Price Tapestry (Price Comparison script) last year and I have been struggling to make it work properly with my website due to a lot of technical jargon like XML Datafeeds, product mapping etc. I think this was a result of my lack of technical knowledge:( The seller has...
  3. kylestyle

    CHALLANGE: Weird issue scraping a retailer w/ curl PHP ...

    Setup... I have been trying to scrape pricing information from retailer "lowes" hardware store but they have some kind of redirect going on that appears to attempt to set your local store zip code by the IP address you are coming from. The page does not show the price of the product until it...
  4. S

    [NEED] Price comparison script

    Hi, i'm looking for a price comparison script that get content from tradedoubler and zanox feeds, and harvesting content from shops, the other feature is get related content scraping it Thanks
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