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    This is what i got no les no more

    Hi, Every one, I have a explain about my first post ok. What i did is: building 32 backlinks profile from big companies like amazon and adobe .... The result that i get is real, i moved from page 2 to position number 6 in google results, Tell what you want you will make no difference,Because i...
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    How To Get High Quality Backlinks

    Don't know if you knew about this but according to Some SEO experts backlinks holds 80% of Google rankings. On page SEO is important, but is less effective than backlinks and without backlinks nothing will work properly. secondly backlinks also Provides power to get recognized and most...
  3. Get a FREE PR8 Backlink In 2 Mins!

    Register for a forum account at: Go edit your profile: (Alternatively you can edit your signature here:, and make a few posts on the forum with your URL in the SIG) And...
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    PR9, PR8 and PR7 backlinks (Forum Threads) have you the list?

    Hello BlackHatworld members; In some forums, and some web pages there's some who are selling a list of High PR threads on forums like, etc,... I know that this is known and spread, i lost a long time searching for this SECRET, and i just wonder why we don't share, why we...
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