1. D

    Your Article Link on My PR1 Parenting Niche Website

    Hey BHW I just bought a PR1 domain in the parenting niche. You are welcome to post your article with the link. PM me with your suggestions!
  2. Commoner

    Help: Duration On Website To Gain Traffic

    Hi All BHW Admin/Moderators/Devotees/Members, I'm leveraging on your experiences in the realm of Seach-Engine-Optimization techniques, not looking for black-hat ones. May I know the approximate time for a blog or website to gain traffic, comply to Adsense/C.Junction/Bidvertisers. If not, what...
  3. B

    Need someone to PR1 a Site

    I need someone to Page Rank One a website. I'm the admin of the site but I need someone to PR1 for only 3 months. Please provide a reasonable quote. I need a monthly price since I don't know how long I'll be away for vacation. Please indicate any other related details. Site needs to be in the...
  4. soothsayerpg

    [OPEN] [FREE] 2x PR1 Tumblr for each Member

    Hello BHW Community, I got some excess PR1 Tumblrs so i've decided to give 2x PR1 for the first 17 members who'll pm me for these. In this way, everybody will get a share rather than posting the links here to feast. You'll just need to register an account and re-register the expired tumblr...
  5. michaelshezzer

    Get Your Free Unlimited Blog Posts Here!! PR1 Homepage Link!! Take a Look!!

    Hey Guys, I have a site which I have been experimenting with which has a PR1 and has wordpress as its CMS. I finished the experimenting and I don't want to throw away my domain I actually want to build its authority whilst giving you guys some really good SEO benefit. Now my site has been...
  6. F

    Be Guest Author on my PR1 blog about Iphone Apps

    I have a PR1 blog called "Iphone Apps - Iphone Apps News". Here you can post quality content with links to your site. I will send you author invitation then you get unlimited access to post as many posts as you like which are auto-approved. You can put in every post two backlinks from...
  7. P

    Link from PR1 site

    I know of a pr1 guest book and I wish to post on it and not have my post deleated. Can I post some general comments and then post my link in white which is the same color as the background ie it will not be visable ,will google/ yahoo pick up on this ?and what is lightly to happen if they do . I...
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