ppc accelerator

  1. M

    Looking to Hire A Freelancer for Ad Ops Revenue Management and Operations

    I'm seeking a Ad Ops Manager and Consultant to help us with procuring ad suppliers and helping as a liaison with getting the ad suppliers integrated into our upcoming arcade style video game on our website. We are operating a WebGL game. We specifically need someone who: - Has experience with...
  2. B

    Be part of my Site Traffic

    I have worked very hard to establish traffic for my site! but no result, can you be part of my site traffic 1. codemodes 2. bscomputerscience :)
  3. SEO-TechGuide

    Is pay per click PPC right for Business in 2020?

    Pay Per Click in 2020 is expected to be higher as the number of small, medium and large PPC management service providers arises in the digital world. These PPC ads can be shown on websites, blogs, and youtube channels and here the advertisers pay only when the ads are Clicked. So for those...
  4. RedCornerGames

    How Can i Increase My App Installs?

    Hello, We are a mobile games development company. i want to increase my application downloads from all over the world. How can i increase the installs organically? Suggest the best ways to increase How can i increase the installs by paid campaigns? Suggest best platform and whats the minimum...
  5. R

    using traffic bot to making money

    hi guys i have more than 1 month to using the shortening url but i can't get views for my link . so i ask the guys here about method to get it someone advise me to using traffic bot . can anyone help and tell me are using traffic bot legal or not because really i dont know anything about this...
  6. P

    Has anyone heard of Sentic Technologies? What do you think?

    I work for an agency that I won't disclose for obvious reasons and came across Sentic Technologies. It's essentially automated PPC but a step further. I found it really interesting but I'm curious if anyone has used their software/has any opinions on it. I've been a lurker for a while but...
  7. E

    Hiring a PPC Specialist? Look For These 10 Skills

    PPC managers need to have a wide range of skills to succeed from being analytical to creative. If you are looking to hire a PPC specialist, these are the ten skills to look for in a candidate. Pass Analytical A substantial amount of time is used to analyze current PPC campaigns, therefore PPC...
  8. N

    Best PPC Tools

    I use Google Adwords Tools and Uber Suggest. - Please share some cool PPC tools
  9. E

    PPC Info

    I am a noob. Trying to make extra cash by doing the ppc thing. Not exactly sure really how it works or all the policys but im looking for guidence on how to learn how to do it the do's and dont's of it. Ive been hearing fb is a good way to get alot of clicks but like i said not familar with how...
  10. james250

    Need PPC expert for c p a l e a d campaign

    Hello I want PPC expert for c p a l e a d campaign. now i dont have any site, i can open site as ppc expert suggest me. Thanks
  11. L

    PPC for publisher

    I am a publisher and I would like to know what are the best PPC program out there for me. There are so many PPC provider to choose from. But they some might not gonna give a good earning.
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