1. chic69

    Looking for Tube/Porn Site Video poster and copywriter VA

    I am looking to hire somebody full time 40 hours a week to post/ schedule videos on Pornhub, Xvideos, Xhamster etc.This person would need experience in copywriting titles and descriptions based off video content, and actor niche.As well as tagging and categories.Please reply below or contact on...
  2. L

    I need Help in facebook group Posting

    With 100 FB accounts, each account has 30 groups respectively, calculating only 1 ad per group and counting only 10,000 people per group on average. then exposure = 100 FB Facebook ✖ 30 group ads ✖ 10,000 people/group = 30 million people exposure, then, doing the worst case scenario, based on a...
  3. hercai

    What I wonder about Poster Printing and Copyrights

    Hello, I want to start a new venture but I have questions. I will do Poster Printing. I've looked at websites in the industry that do this work, and many sites use images that could definitely be copyrighted. For example: They sell images of NBA players, Formula 1 racers, movie posters, images...
  4. Xtreme19

    Looking for a Porn poster VA

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can post porn on wp-script website, and then post them on Reddit. Total 10 to 15 posts daily. 1. Search and import links (You will not have to upload, just import links). 2. Post on wordpress website (Wp-script) 3. Post on 3 Subreddits using Gifs. 4...
  5. M

    How to post images multiple times in many difftent accounts

    Hi guys im looking for ideas or tools that allow me to post 1 image on instagram , the same image will be broadcasted on other instagram accounts and pintrest Please help any ideas to do that i have no budget to start with ,
  6. ristoriel

    Facebook Group Poster

    Hello everyone! I am looking for Facebook Group Poster. Something like Ninja Blaster. Need 100% working bot - I have several accounts, and want to automate it. Will be glad to hear some suggestions? Thanks!
  7. mxx7

    [FMS] All-in-one Facebook marketing automation solution

    FoxMaster Suite Flexible, advanced Facebook marketing automation solution More Features - Post on Facebook groups using a page account - Auto respond privately to fan comments - Auto switching between accounts when publishing on Facebook groups - Auto comment & react on latest...
  8. zrk4

    I should use proxy or not?

    Hi, I have a question. For several years I have used 3 accounts to add posts to groups. I used the "pilotposter" program and later "safeposter" unfortunately a month ago these programs died and after trying to add accounts to them again I received account verifications. I was able to recover my...
  9. L

    $20-$40 to offer slickdeals poster with aged account

    We are looking for slickdeals poster. Your account need to meet the following: -- Over two year age. -- Over level 5. -- High reputations We will pay you $20-$40 per post via paypal.
  10. L

    Slickdeals poster and fake votes

    Looking for slickdeals posters and fake voters. Poster required over level 6 Voter required one year account If you interested, email to me : [email protected]
  11. jamesss

    Looking for a facebook poster

    I'm looking for a Facebook poster to post a simple reviews for me in one fb group. I will provide all text. Need to be from legit FB accounts. Looking for 5-10 people. Also i'll rehire after some period of time. I pay $2 per post. Pm if you are interested. Thanks
  12. K

    Hey BHW!

    Hey everyone, I have been doing international marketing for several years. However, I don't know BHW until just now when I used Google to find some deal posters to help me do the selling. So many people shared their knowledge here. I should have come to BHW earlier. Really good website! I...
  13. Lucifer_007

    Hello everybody! Happy be here

    I'm here to seek some somebody's help to post deals on every deal website. Cuz our company has many home smart devices and 3c products need to be known. Thanks, glad to be here.
  14. R

    Need slickdeal posters

    I need someone or multiple people with aged deal site account to post our deals on Slickdeals. I will pay $20-$50 per post based on account reputation. if it becomes popular deals I can pay more. Please PM me. Mail: [email protected]
  15. Amelie2013

    Need Poster for Canada Redflagdeals

    I need a poster to post on Canada Redflagdeals, a Canadian deal website. $10- $20 for each post. Price can be negotiated. Payment via Paypal after posting. E mail me with your Redflagdeals profile at [email protected]. Please mention your BHW username when contacting me. Thanks!
  16. A

    Instagram Autoposter

    Hello guys, I want to develop simple instagram scheduler and autoposter. Without any other follow/unfollow etc. Just web-based poster with proxy support. And I just wonder if there will be people willing pay for it? I mean about 10$ /month with support of 3 account and another 3-4$ for one...
  17. summy

    Looking For Posters on Deal Websites.

    Looking for some aged deals posters who can post on US & IT & DE & UK deals website. $10-$200 for one post Make it for the "popular deals" or "Front page deals" or “hot deals”, we will pay more. Add my skypy: Summy Chanit
  18. pieros

    SERPBooster system for creating and publishing PBNs websites

    Serbooster is a program which we install on our own server/hosting. Serpbooster Panel is made for managening own domains (PBNs). Serpbooster is able to post and add comments automatically using CRON job. The program supports two types of CMS :Wordpress (XML-RPC) and SerpboosterCMS (full...
  19. A

    Need aged poster

    Need Slickdeals and FatWallet aged poster You can reply me You can give me your contact
  20. A

    Looking for SD and FW Aged Account

    Looking for Slickdeals and FatWallet Aged Account Slickdeals and FatWallet Poster You can PM me You can add skype: Leslie LEE You can reply me your email
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