1. shiboshy

    My New Crypto Portfolio Journey - Is Consolidation near the End or I am going to Lose my Money?

    It's been a while after I posted a crypto thread since I've been on a vacation for a while and I have sold all my assets back in May, 2021 - this is excluding what we bought with my wife that will be given to our kids once they turn 18. We sold with huge profits (started buying February 2021)...
  2. NiceDogey

    My Crypto Portfolio Updated Daily - Share Yours!

    Youtube is full of people charging money for their crypto portfolio and me for tracking purpose will use this thread to keep track of my portfolio and motivate myself. I also want to check what others got in their portfolio so share yours too. This thread i will update each day together with my...
  3. LegitReview

    How can I make a Portfolio

    How can I make a perfect Portfolio for my freelancing profile ? I need some suggestion or reference
  4. imccafey

    Portfolio for Writers

    When submitting writing samples with the resume for a job, how do I create a portfolio? Should I attach pdfs or create something in contently?
  5. cgt web

    What is the best website to invest in?

    Hi BHW, I am looking to build a portfolio of websites generally to earn some passive income to live a bit more comfortably or invest in to something bigger in the future. I have been looking through the BHW marketplace for days reading and bookmarking sellers who create various sites, the...
  6. nayannp

    My recent works any tips appreciated

    Hey guys, As most of you know i am here since a long time and i am from graphic design industry. So just i give jumping around in that field. Also some of you know that i have shared some of my work before too & i got lots of valuable feedback from you guys. So this time too i am sharing some of...
  7. Haksxsx`

    Does anyone know how to implement this kinda portfolio ??

    I Have been working on a website and got stuck with a portfolio section where there's a masonry grip with media images but also uses custom facebook feed and instagram feed to show their last images. i'll attach a screen for reference. Both plugins automatically implement the latest posted...
  8. thabo22

    I need a website to show as a seo portfolio

    I’ve got a job interview soon and I’m working on a website now but it’s going to take some time to rank and I was hoping someone could help me out. Any website that’s yours and ranking and you don’t really care about. It could be a website about anything except porn. I just want something to...
  9. D

    Graphics designer needed.

    I need a well experienced graphics designer to give some jobs to do for me. Kindly get intouch with me to discuss in full details.
  10. Wutnax

    FREE Logo / Business Card Designs

    Hi Everyone! I want to use my Graphic Design skills and knowledge to make an income online and before I pursue that I need to build a portfolio. That’s where you come in. I am offering a FREE logo and/or business card design to 20 people. All I need from you is as much information relating to...
  11. Speppo

    WordPress theme for a Portfolio

    Hi guys, what's the best WordPress theme for a Photographer Portfolio according to your experience? My friend needs it for business (primarily weddings) so it must be very good looking Thx :)
  12. A Jason

    Your Crypto Portfolio

    Seeing the massive influx of hundreds of coins and new threads in this sub forum I was wondering what everyone has invested into. You can estimate if you wish to. My portfolio: 25% XRP, 25% IOTA, 10% XLM, 10% LTC, 7% NEO, 7% VEN, 6% ETH, 2% ADA, 2% UFR, 2% LEND, 2% REQ and 2% TRX.
  13. T

    Good Portfolio Management Software?

    Would love to hear what portfolio management software everyone uses and would recommend. I have had a look at a few different app review sites for solutions but nothing features exactly what I want. I want to be able to manage multiple portfolios of different cryptocurrencies and monitor them to...
  14. E

    CHEAP Design Portfolio (Logos, Banners Flyers etc) Needed!!

    Hi Calling all graphic designers! Reselling design and media services locally and need portfolio for my new site ASAP! If i can get a good price for this and the designs are good i will use you going forward for my business! Please send quotes for 3-4 general business logos, 1 banner ad, two...
  15. Razu Ahmed

    Rank MY Personal Portfolio

    This the link to my portfolio site razuahmed.me. How can I get more visitor to my website? Can you tell me? Thanks
  16. Mathis42

    FREE 300 word article in English!

    Hey everyone, I’ll write you a 300 word article for free. It can be on any topic at all — if it exists, I can research it and write it up. The delivery time depends on how much time I’ll have, but I’ll definitely be able to make a few every day. My main goal for doing this is to start...
  17. B


    hello friends i need help i want to make a goog portfolio for my self i am doing social media so can any one suggest please what will be good for me blog ytube video or some other things please help me Thanks
  18. I

    Best route to display websites/pages in a portfolio

    Hey guys and girls Can someone please point me in the best direction of how to show websites within my website. So basically a portfolio but instead of having an image having the actual website displayed. I am guessing the best way to do this would be using iframes but would like to see how...
  19. G

    I need to find a bulk buyer for my domain portfolio or monetize them.

    Hi, this is my first post here. I have been collecting domains, and getting better at it for years now - I can obtain a free list daily of hundreds/thousands of premium domains as they expire. I have about 40 domains, many 4 character, even 3 character and a very good selection; they tend to be...
  20. @shelton_sellers

    Coming up with Sample Work -- How do I Start?

    Well, I have done a few odd jobs here & there for various people in both the writing and design field. I am highly confident in my writing and my "clients" seem to think that my skill is up to par. So... A lot of people want samples, or a portfolio, which I have no problem building, and would...
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