1. KJREDDY247@

    Which Ports do you guys keep on White list while scrapping on Scrapebox???

    I read somewhere the list of the best ports to keep on the white list for scrapebox but can't find it. Can someone drop the list?
  2. DStudio

    I need help with proxies

    What does a proxy seller mean when he says 5 or 10 ports? Are these the same IP addresses on different ports. For example: Or it is the entire range on a specific port. For example: to
  3. C

    Kimsufi Email Marketing, will change of SMTP port work ?

    So pretty much simply question, most of dedicated server providers will monitor 25 SMTP for spam. However they cannot monitor every port, therefore would change of a SMTP setting to another port for outbound emails work ? Talking about CentOS Web Panel + Interspire. ~ 200k emails per day. No...
  4. xNotch

    Monetizing A Public IP:Port Proxy

    How does a proxy make money? Im talking IP:Port type proxies not CGI/web-proxies. I could understand monetizing a web-proxy. Throw up some ads and your good to go. On an IP:Port proxy on the other hand every request will come from your server so any ad network that wants to stay in business...
  5. M

    DEVS WANTED!! Port an mmorpg for $100-$200 to the vita for me.

    Now hiring c++ developers with attractive salary. Must be experienced in c++ , visual studio .net message me.
  6. M

    Hide Torrent Traffic in plain sight.

    Iana Port 989, designated for FTPS (Secure FTP) is handled by isp routers as steady encrypted streams using both TCP and UDP. To add onel level of under the radar to you torrenting, enforce encription (even oncoming) and make sure you use dht. DHT generates UDP traffic to look like FTPS...
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