Hide Torrent Traffic in plain sight.

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    Oct 2, 2008
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    Iana Port 989, designated for FTPS (Secure FTP) is handled by isp routers as steady encrypted streams using both TCP and UDP.

    To add onel level of under the radar to you torrenting, enforce encription (even oncoming) and make sure you use dht. DHT generates UDP traffic to look like FTPS control data and the TCP streams on the TCP side complete the set so that unless further analysis is done your traffic is logged as if it was secure file transfers. Save it for the ones that you don't want seen and leave some of the basic stuff that they can't give a crap about on some high port. When the network admins start building lists of people that are in the heavy P2P group, you aren't there.

    The Points:
    1) Logged so that at first look, it's not obvious it's P2P.
    2) Internet router streams weighted for continuous data transfer.
    3) Low ports (if your firewall is good for it) are just cool.
    4) If your ISP shapes P2P traffic, this UN-shapes it.
    5) Tested for a year on three ISP's ...