1. John Ignashevich

    Would you sell your pop-up traffic for such prices?

    Hi everyone! I am engaged in monetizing my traffic, but there is also an idea to try to monetize the third-party traffic through my own TDS and RTB system. It takes time and effort, so I need to know whether it is worth doing - namely, there would be a webmaster here who would like to sell me...
  2. M

    Need to make popunder on website.

    Need someone to help me make popunder on wordpress website. What i want: Basically when some one click on any part of the page of the site it will popunder. ( not popup ) If you have/know the plugin or code ready PM me. Thanks PS: Must have extensive experienced. PPS: Have tried popunder...
  3. kbklash

    A WordPress plugin help Please

    Hi I'm using Popup Plugin on my site now. Currently, when the users see the popup and if they tap outside of it anywhere on the screen the popup is being closed. I was wondering if there's any solution which can be set and prevent closing the popup upon outside-tap? I really don't want that...
  4. G

    Can Blogger Have Pop Up Windows?

    I have an adult blog with blogger, but I don't want to use the blogger doorway so as to let visitors click accept or deny. It also causes feed problem. Is there a way to create our own popup window to floats and block a 100% of the contents till visitors accept that they are above 18?
  5. Z

    CPM networks for ADULT.

    Ok So i've tried banner cpm of blacklabelads and it sucks... adultadworld...sucks clicksor is the best so far for me bout 1$:1000 for popup Can you pls tell me any good cpm networks that you know, I don't care if they provide pop-ups, pop unders, banners anything as long as it is cpm and it...
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