Would you sell your pop-up traffic for such prices?

John Ignashevich

Aug 2, 2019
Hi everyone!

I am engaged in monetizing my traffic, but there is also an idea to try to monetize the third-party traffic through my own TDS and RTB system.

It takes time and effort, so I need to know whether it is worth doing - namely, there would be a webmaster here who would like to sell me your real human pop-up traffic (web and mobile) at the following GEOs and prices (prices are described for 1000 unique impressions with 1\24h unique rule)?

US – 2.8$ per 1000 impressions
IN – 0.2$
GB – 1$
IT – 0.35$
PT – 0.75$
KE – 0.7$
NG – 1.2$
EC – 0.55$
HU – 0.85$
PL – 0.5$
SG – 0.8$

If you would be interested to sell your pop-up traffic for such prices, I would be grateful if you also indicate the volume. Thanks.
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