pop up ads

  1. B

    Need suggestion on good ad networks

    I have a website with 10K visitors daily, and I have tried every pop up network I can. All show wrong impressions count. Tried Propellerads, ClickAdu, Admaven, Popads.net, adcash, etc. I configured to show one ad every 8 seconds.the average time spent by an user is 1 minute and 30 seconds.. So...
  2. Guaka BR

    Any Suggestion for Pop up network ?

    Hey, Besides Pop ads company and Propeller, can you guys recommend me another network? My website works with a blackhat method using CPA/CPI. I dont care about burning my traffic, i just want to maximize my earnings. Already using CPI/CPA and Banner Ads.
  3. Sunmoluvic

    How to earn extra money from your blog with pop up ads

    Hello guys, I just felt like sharing something today, it might be useful for some people and it might not be useful for some This is an effective way to earn extra money if you're running a blog The trick is basically adding pop up ads to your blog, you can try some ads network like propeller...
  4. E

    Call Generation Tech Support Needed

    Hello. I am looking for people who can help me generate tech support calls through Adwords and other means. I would like to hear from you if you are willing to help and guide me in call generation. Thanks
  5. S

    Script embedded in a pop up

    This might be a basic question but Is it possible to put a JavaScript code into a pop up ad and have who ever opens the pop up to download the script ?
  6. M

    which pop-up ad network "bodelen.com" belongs to?

    I wonder now a days many big websites are using pop up ads on their site. I found the ad which opens is of bodelen.com. Any one know which pop up ad network using this. Please let me know thanks
  7. E

    Plz Help with Ad Networks.

    Hi Can anyone help me to find good ad networks with organic traffic? I am tired of getting Bots every now n thn. Looking for your valuable advice.. Thanks
  8. mojodoom

    Pop Up Affiliate Ads - A new way of earnings?

    Hi, I am writing this to inform you what I experienced personally. I believe there are people who uses pop up advertisers to show their affiliate ads in sites. Is this something new in the market or it has been for a very long time. example: www.amazon.com/affl-id=2144...