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  1. QwertE84

    What's your favourite pop-up network for Advertisers?

    Hi guys, just a quick post here. Looking for a pop-up network that has similar quality (converts for mainstream CPA offers) for Tier 1 geos as PropellerAds. What are your guys experiences with the various other pop networks? Look forward to reading the replies :)
  2. M

    How can i make more money with my porn tube with 45k pageviews daily?

    Hello dear friends. I have launched a small porntube like 6 month ago. [Don't promote your URL] Right now i get usually around 3500 unique visiots and 45k pageviews per day. Right now as the method of monetizing i use to run pop ads with the ad network popads.net. By using them i usually make...
  3. K

    cpa and pop ads

    Hey BHW members, i was wondering if it's a good idea to get traffic to cpa offers from pop ads? (i did cpa with free traffic for almost 3 years but now i want change to paid traffic) is it worth to try it and spend some money or is there any better paid traffic option to use for cpa offers. I...
  4. MehtaM

    Free or Cheap HTML Landing Page Builder?

    Is there a good tool which is either cheap or free(trial) to create HTML landing pages? Need to create landing pages for pop traffic.
  5. P

    Looking for a site for advertising

    Buy your traffic on the site.We offer the best conditions and are willing to pay more for your traffic than anyone else
  6. 0xcbae85f8b6

    Advices needed to advertise a website

    I'm running a 'fake' website to collect user device information for a project I'm building, problem is, that I can't generate enough amount of traffic to get a good amount of user data. I only need people to visit and load my website, no other actions are beneficial for me. I looked into...
  7. C

    What is a good CPA Network for movie streaming site

    Looking for a network that does popups and in movie ads like for example if the user pauses they get an ad, or if a user clicks "Download" they get an ad. Doesn't even have to be CPA. Thank you
  8. capeion

    What is the best method to use multiple ads networks, advice needed!

    I use like 5 pop up networks and 3 banner ads networks. I use wordpress and I have Advanced Ads Pro plugin. Does anybody know what is the best way to use them? I want all of them on every page. -Should I just load all the scripts at the same time? -Will the pop ups open in order by...
  9. skynex66

    My PTP / Pop Traffic, Your Monetization

    If you are having difficulty buying traffic at verry low price and you have good converting landingpages / offers this maybe the JV for you. Traffic is from POP, PTC, PTP and other sources I can send sample of traffic for 24 hours after that I would be looking for a 50/50 split of the profits...
  10. xpesos

    Unbelievable 10 to 40% Increased Ad Revenue for your Websites - Anti-adblock Ads & New Ad units

    Special 20% Discount Available - Just reply in thread to get coupon Special Price for more than 5 websites, contact us first.
  11. A

    Google Chrome Blocking Popup Ads for 'Misleading or Intrusive'

    Hey guys a couple days ago one of our sites got flagged for misleading or intrusive ads. I've asked a couple people in the industry and they're saying that they've been flagged for the same thing. However sites like 'pornhub' still serve popup ads. Any idea on how we can bypass this new update...
  12. Harnur

    [Journey] How I Made $100/day Using Push Ads + Anstrex

    Hello, I have been into affiliate marketing for the past 3-4 years. I have tried promoting everything from Dog products, weight loss, diabetes cure, gaming offers to almost everything...but NEVER made any consistent profit. But this year I was quite adamant and was spending consistent 4-5...
  13. Harnur

    Is there Anyone Who Advertises On Propeller Ads?

    1. Shud i spend my propeller ads budget evenly across the day or spend it in standard manner? 2. Shud i focus on retargeting? 3. Is it okay if i made changes to my landing page after my campaign gets approved/active by their system...will I get by? (If the changes don't comply with their guidelines)
  14. Harnur

    How do i Target Mac Users?

    My offer converts only for Mac users. Which advertising platforms other than pop/pop-under/native allows targeting based on OS type. Thanks.
  15. Cold_Death

    ad networks recommendation

    Hello everyone, I am looking for ad networks where i can first collect targeted users audience using their pixel in my site then remarket only this audience with pop campaigns. I need both adults and non-adults networks. Thanks in advance.
  16. X

    [Question] Pop arbitrage ?

    Hello , Dose any body here doing pop arbitrage ? and if i wanna start what networks you would recommend me to buy good traffic from and what is the best network to sell for ? any recommendation will be highly appreciated .
  17. Harnur

    What is the Best Place to Promote/Advertise Gaming Offers?

    My gaming offer payout is $3.2(thru bing ads i was getting 5% conversion rate - 0.2 EPC). But the minimum PPC(bid) of Bing ads is $0.25, So, i wasn't able to get +ve ROI or even a Break-Even campaign. So, i am looking at other source of traffic that's cheaper than($0.2 per click) and has...
  18. Leader777

    How to stop proxy and not traffic?

    Hi guys, I want to run pop traffic but idk how to automatically block proxies and bots
  19. FindDIY

    Display CPA Offers Using Popup With Notification

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  20. N

    Any Cheaper popunder ad network !!

    Hi , i'm looking for a cheaper ad network which has a Min cpm 0.05 for advertising (except Propellerads) , Thank you .