1. hercai

    I have questions about the Binance Mining Pool system

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding "Binance Mining Pool". I have 2 computers at home. In my workplace, I have 3 computers. 1) Can I mine simultaneously or at different times using these computers using Binance Mining Pool? 2) As I researched on the internet, I learned that I can mine on...
  2. RichardLI

    [POLL] What is your Favorite Messenger application in 2020 ?

    Hello Guys Just as a title says -please vote for your favorite messenger ,and let us know what type of messenger is most popular now among IMers. Regards Richard Thanks
  3. A

    Investing in Online Pools?

    Seeing a couple websites that you can deposit bitcoin online and get a return based on how much you put down, offering some pretty big returns. Wondering if anyone has used these websites? I have found a couple different threads on different forums about them and people say it is legit but that...
  4. Md Siddik

    Bitcoin Mining pool Setup ($500 Budget)

    Hello ! I need someone who can create a BitCoin Mining Pool with backend Framework & db BitBucket setup for serverside testing AWS, cloud or server setup. ------------------------------ NOMP for various algorithms. Equihash, Ethash, NeoScrypt,CryptoNight Stratum ports defined can anyone...
  5. thecoolhascome

    Looking for an alternative to ProxyRack

    Hello, I just purchased proxyrack, and they are okay, but some of the proxies rotate to be dead. I was wondering if there was an alternative for something close to that price, Thanks In advance everyone! ;):p:D
  6. Tech To Next

    How to configure Additional DHCP server on windows server 2016

  7. J

    coins into money

    I have over 10k coins in pool live tour game. How can I use it to make money.
  8. S

    Manipulate votes in a facebook app?

    Hi guys, Here's the deal: I'm trying to help a girl I know in winning an online contest. Unfortunately it's on facebook, so one has to have a facebook account, then like the page and authorize the app to cast a vote. Can somebody help me make this happen? I suppose I should have a big number...
  9. S

    Pool Sharks bot

    Hey guys, I know that bots have been created to play poker and other card games, but has anyone seen or heard about a bot that plays pool at sites like h**p://www*poolsharks*com ? I'd love to get some input and see if there is something already out there, or is this a new avenue for money making.
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