1. Omni Knoweth


    Hello everyone! We're looking for 1 person to get a FREE review copy for our upcoming sales thread. Service/Product Description: THE END OF PMTA on CentOS 7 (What Next?) As CentOS Linux 7 has reached its end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024 (reference link), PMTA users must consider...
  2. shog

    [Journey] Build a cold email system that can send 1M messages a day from scratch

    Why email? We can push offers to a near infinite number of eyes. Cold email is getting harder so there is lower competition in the Inbox than there used to be. There are still hundreds of millions, if not billions of daily email users. The opportunity is huge… if we can get past the gatekeepers...
  3. z3d3m0n

    powermta webhooks

    Hello Guys, since PowerMTA 5.0r5 has added a webhook support 2020-07-13: released build 5.0r5 - added support for writing accounting files in JSON format in addition to regular CSV format; - added support for webhooks to deliver accounting data in CSV or JSON format over HTTP(S) to a remote...
  4. bazal lucifer

    looking for pmta expert having good inbox skills

    i need an virtual assistant who can create pmta smtp and deliver emails to inbox accurately if anyone interested message me junior vip with any previous work proof are welcome i cant trust junior vips too here , because they are also scamming here
  5. bazal lucifer

    looking for pmta inboxing expert

    i need an va who can send emails to inbox pmta expert needed
  6. EmailBoss

    Hey everyone from Russia!

    Hey. I've been doing spam for 1 year. In this short time, I've learned different directions. I also got a good income, which allowed me to quit my main job (I am a programmer). I created my own channel in telegram. I sell software for e-mail mailings in Russia. I work with many partner...
  7. InstaSwift

    Looking for cold email expert

    Hello, I'm sending 200k - 400k emails per day to a large list scraped from Instagram. The emails are verified using neverbounce. Currently I'm using AWS SES to send the emails. Bounce rate is 0.75% and spam complaints rate < 0.01% Nevertheless all emails to Gmail seem to go directly into the...
  8. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚡Email Databases, Bulk Email Marketing Solutions, Data Cleaning, Scraping & MORE⭐✅

    Dear, BHW Member If you are an Email Marketer, and you are looking for quality email data & email marketing services, we offer: Email lists - Niche Data: Gambling, Forex, Binary Options, Crypto-currency Related Data PayDay, Survey, Home Owners, Adult, Dating, Gender/Income/Age Specific Data...
  9. bhavik85

    Powerful Email Marketing Servers - Ready To Send System - Send Millions of emails

  10. joshydeep

    Powermta, Pmta Problem .. Please Help

    Hello guys, I know maybe this is not the right place to post this.. Pmta not working Via browser it give me this error: Access denied. Please consult the http-access directive in the User's Guide for more information. i changed the /etc/pmta/config to give my ip address access http-access myip...
  11. iamdeadat2017

    *** PowerMTA Configuration Discussion ***

    Hi guys, In this thread I have planned to gather all Configuration Related Informations. So Please who are Active with PMTA start any questions here,I will try to get solution for that query. [[ I WILL START DAY TO DAY INFORMATION GATHERING IN THIS THREAD ]] Thanks :)
  12. iamdeadat2017

    *** Bulk Email Server Installation ***

    Thought about more contribution to the community. PowerMTA latest Installation with productive Configuration. Please reply in thread with your interested volume. Setup is totally free. Thanks
  13. iamdeadat2017

    ***Super Giveaway*** PowerMTA Installation

    I thought about giving something Important and from most wanted list to this community. I will install PowerMTA for 5 Members in this Forum. Setup of max 3 domains per installation. With all Proper authentication. Max of 16 IPs. Requirement is only to be a Junior Member Here. Only first 5...
  14. 9

    Question About PMTA PLZ

    hi guys i have a problem with smtp Errors after i installed my pmta in a vps succesfully i cant see any smtp error even if the email gone bounce or still in pmta .. plz if some one can help
  15. virtualice

    I need someone to setup IEM + PMTA

    Hi, Can someone help me to setup IEM + PMTA?
  16. iamdeadat2017

    [Help] PowerMTA installation

    Hi Everyone. I want to learn how to rotate IPs and other configurations after installing PowerMTA..... i read about installation..but didnt get full help after installation tasks! please help me. [Admin: plz dont report to this in right forum if this is not right section for this...
  17. T

    powerMTA v4.5 Enterprise Plus

    For all information regarding the new version of PowerMTA v4.5 Enterprise plus, Contact our dedicated 24/7 live support team via ricochet Mention special coupon code : blackhatworld To get a special discount and priority support. Get the most secure messenger at : Click "+" to...
  18. D

    ASAP Need help setting up PMTA, SPF, DKIM, RDNS

    Hi, I know how to install and config pmta and do most of the stuff, but there are a few things I need help with, it won't take a lot of your time. I need someone that's an expert in PMTA, SPF, DKIM, RDNS, to help me with a few things I'm stuck with. Let me know how much you will charge for...
  19. E


    Hi guys , please i need to know witch server i need to install PMTA ( SMTP ) VPS or Didicated server .
  20. virtualice

    I need IEM + PMTA

    I have a VPS with DirectAdmin I need someone that knows how to install IEM + PMTA with all necessary settings.... SPF, DKIM, DMARC, rDNS, MX Records. - [Addon] Feedback Loops - [Addon] Multiple MTA with IP Monitor
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