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  1. 8492reks

    Bulk Edit Post in Wordpress

    Hello all BHW members, can you recommend to me a good plugin to do bulk edit posts in WordPress?
  2. N

    My Journey into building Wordpress plugin and SAAS

    In the past 10 years, I have built two web apps and have moderate success due lack of interest in marketing. I am a developer so once I am done with development, I somehow lose interest in the actual tasks of marketing. I want to change this behavior. This time I am focusing on small...
  3. Rajzzsoni

    Category and Sub-category page Layout in wordpress/woocommerce

    Hello, I have been working on my first ever eCommerce project. I have decided to go with wordpress using woocommerce and have flatsome theme but facing an issue with category and sub category layout design. Actually i want different layouts for both the pages i.e category and sub category but...
  4. F

    [ Help Need ] WP Social Traffic & Alternatives

    History WP Social Traffic Creating Posts on Our Own Pages Then, WP Social Traffic Goes to Others Pages ( TOP Pages on Facebook ) and Building Engagements by Commenting and replying to Their timeline posts. Participating in Discussions and Posts our Facebook Post's URL There. The Result: We...
  5. J

    Video Submitter for TubeSite

    Permission to post admin and I hope I'm now in the right location. I just created my tube site and would like to inquire if anyone knows how to add a page for video submission just like the other tube sites, e.g., xvideos, pornhub, etc. I have it in a Wordpress with Retrotube theme and using...
  6. Bluearrow

    AdSense WP Plugins and Placements ?

    It's been couple of years since I have touched any of my AdSense sites. But Last week I have started revamping several niche sites and it seems some of those long plugins no longer works. Specially their own WP plugin which I used in most of my WP Sites. Also it seems Adsense has changed a lot...
  7. F

    Is there any Good Wordpress Q. &Ans.Plugin

    I want to create a tab or section on my blog about question and answer. Visitor can ask their question to me and I can reply on it. Which is best plugin for it? Thank You!
  8. Ami Zrien

    Looking for the best Clickbank plugins for wordpress

    Please reffer here any Clickbank plugins for wordpress website. Share your expirience with it.
  9. nifras

    Plugin suggestion For amazon affiliate Site

    Hi i am using thrive and easy azon for designing and add affliate links to the post But i heard abow AAWP (amazon affliate wordpress plugin ) i am planning to buy this plugin Its look amazing if anybody Have this plugin Please send me the link i have to test first Before Buy this thing
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