1. B

    Email marketing using trojan that sends emails to all contacts on someones list...

    We are buying leads from someone who is using plimus, they are marketing their work from home product by having some sort of trojan infect an email account then send their product to everyone on the hacked email's contact list. So it says something like "check this out", and it appears to be...
  2. M1ndfluX

    PLimus and paypal

    Hey all! Ok so i am setting up my plimus vendor account here and one of the reasons i am going to do so is that i THOUGHT i could collect paypal payments and get them cashed out to my payoneer card. So as said, i am setting up stuff, and i need to fill up my paypal@ etc etc. I noticed that...
  3. M1ndfluX

    2Checkout and phone verification?

    Hi Guys ( and ofcourse all the lovely female members! ) So i am busy setting up a online store selling several seo services. Since Paypal is the most 'trusted' around i need to collect also paypal payments, without getting the pp funds directly on my pp account that is... So i was checking...
  4. M1ndfluX

    Entropay plimus and paypal... sigh...

    Hi all! Ok so after the fall of epassporte i changed all my affiliate payouts to entropay. I thought i would be safer there as they are based in the UK and not the USA. ATM i am working on a project and here i HAVE to accept paypal as they are the most used and trusted payment option for...
  5. jerra

    CL Bot Pro and Plimus

    I've been trying to buy CL Bot Pro plus another licence for the past couple if weeks. Th order get accepted by Plimus, then rejected about 3 days later. Any thoughts? I thought they wanted to sell their product, but Plimus seems to make it harder!!
  6. R not loading my funds

    Hi. I have been using services for a long time and never had a problem with them. But yesterday I loaded funds and didn't appear in my account. On plimus ( their payment gateway) it shows me that the order is still in pending status for more than 1 day. I tried to contact both...
  7. O

    Wordpress with plimus

    Hi, I have one big problem with Wordpress. I use wordpress for selling Plimus products affiliate. I use sales links from plimus with "https". Whi verify with firefox if it's working my links it's OK. But when i use Internet explorer it's not working. Do nothing when I click on the link...
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