1. D

    is anyone still using PixelPipe?

    Hi hats Is anyone here still using pixelpipe accounts? If yes - why? & please share some hidden gems ;) tx
  2. ActionJ

    PixelPipe Closes Registration and Removes Upload Email Address for Users

    PixelPipe has stopped their upload address for new users. Anyone know a work around? http://getsatisfaction.com/pixelpipe/topics/upload_email_address_not_showing_in_settings_tab
  3. D

    ### MySpace, Pixelpipe, SocialADR, Onlywire, Hellotxt Accounts For Sale ###

    Hey Guys, Well this is my first ever service thread on BHW, so i just want to give you guys the maximum i can with the best quality. I have a team with me with whom i provide many services on various forums and this is my first time here. I manly provide MySpace, Pixelpipe, Hellotxt...
  4. U

    Ping.fm and Pixel pipe

    Hi Here i am providing Ping.fm accounts and Pixelpipe service. Ping.fm Account Creation Service - One IP for each account - One profile photo for each account of each websites. - One confirmed email id and password providing for each account - Each website account will be...
  5. SuperBlackHat

    Pixelpipe.com and Backlinks?

    Can anyone tell me how exactly to generate backlinks using pixelpipe? I dont see how using it will directly impact my sites unless my content is directly viewed by alot of traffic on the sites its distributed to, and i dont really see that happening.
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