physical products

  1. L

    Etsy Review

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase five to ten quality Etsy reviews. I need these from legitimate US-based Etsy accounts with different shipping address, payment methods, and credit cards. All of them are for stickers. Please PM your rate.
  2. jacersa

    Can I Make an affiliate store with Shopify or any other company ...?

    Hi everyone , I wanted to know if It's possible to make an affiliate store with Shopify or any other company to sell products .? + IF Yes , please tell me how ?
  3. H

    ***NEW IDEA*** Resell to an online shop or a local shop?

    Hi Hatters My first thread, I'm very excited :o My toughts: I buy, for example, handbags from a dropshipper and resell it to an onlineshop in my country or to a local shop. Does anybody do this or has some experience with this? Ofcourse you present yourself to the local store and show your...
  4. T

    How would you promote my physical product?

    Hello all, first post here: So, I am hoping there are some people on this site that can direct me in the right direction. I started my own e-commerce business 2 years with a physical product that does fairly well. I did all white hat SEO stuff for the site and rank highly for a number of...
  5. christianbed

    Anyone traveled to China to buy products?

    Headed to China in a couple months to visit family and I plan to do some buying in Yiwu...wonder if anyone here has any helpful tips/advice/stories that can shed some light on the experience. It doesn't matter if you bought in another city, I'm just interested in the process, perhaps things you...
  6. G

    Affiliate marketing physical products

    Hi BHW, There seems to be lots of information about affiliate marketing for info products but i am selling photographs and fine art. These are expensive products too with huge margins, but i am having no luck with finding the right affiliate network or affiliates. The margins are huge and...
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